Still sick here...

So, Here it is the next Monday and Ben still has whatever this is.  I seem to have finally come down with whatever it is also.  I just feel terrible today.  I'm not posting this blog update to complain though.  I haven't updated in quite a while and really not a lot has happened since.  We've spent several days in bed watching Cars over and over again.  We haven't done any crafts, only a little bit of coloring.  Once again the letter of the week has been put off. 

Thursday, Ben seemed really sick and worried both Shawn and I.  We took Ben to the doctor and found out he has bronchitis and the beginnings of an ear infection in one ear.  Friday, I seemed to think he was feeling much better but Saturday, after a night of hardly any sleep for any of us, we woke up to a sick boy with a fever.

Saturday, my mom and brother came out and stayed with us.  They brought Ben a balloon which made him one happy kiddo.  We went to IHop Saturday night.  The first time Ben left the house since Wednesday, which for him is a big deal.  He doesn't like to just hang out at home.  He likes adventures.  It was nice to have Mom and Andy out here.

Sunday, Shawn's parents came out and we watched football.  It's always nice to have them out too.  It was a really nice weekend and very relaxed.  Last night, Shawn came up with the genius idea to put the movie for Ben on one of our lap tops while we watch regular TV.  I can't believe we hadn't thought of this before.  So last night, in bed, this is exactly what we did.  Poor Ben was still pretty sick last night.  He's acting better today but still is coughing and sneezing and only can be up playing for about 15 minutes before he decides he needs to come lay down.  Poor kiddo.  He still looks sick to me today too.

Here's pictures of his setup in bed last night:

He had everything he needed.  His movie, his stuffed frog, his cars books, and his water.


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