Back from Vacation

And what a vacation it was!  I love when you go on vacation and don't want to come back to real life.  Or, when you need a vacation after a vacation.  We had a great time out at Table Rock Lake.

We go every summer, but this year was the best trip yet.  Ben is getting older and able to do more and enjoy more.  He's nervous around water, but I can tell you that at the lake, I was definitely more nervous than he was.  Ben was so cute in his new big boy life jacket and poor Sydney, her life jacket seemed to swallow her up.  They both looked cute in their swimming suits too.

We went down Wednesday night with Shawn's sister, Kelly, and Thursday morning, the five of us were out swimming off the dock.  Shawn's parents came down later that morning and joined us in the swimming.  We spent most of our trip down swimming off the dock.  Saturday, we did get to go out in the boat though.  I was surprised that it didn't scare Ben at all.  He wasn't bothered by the dock either, only being in the water (he wanted someone to hold him at all times) but he did get a little more used to the water.  Next year, he's doing swimming lessons.  Our lives revolve around water in the summer, and while he's wearing a life jacket in the pool and anywhere near the lake, I'd like him to know how to swim as soon as possible, to ease my worrying a little bit.  Sydney, however, is completely happy in water.  She's not phased by the bathtub, shower, pool, lake, anything.  When Ben was her age, he didn't like water at all, not even the bathtub.

Ben and Shawn sitting on the dock the first day.

The dock rocked Sydney to sleep over and over again.

Kel Kel and Ben.

Stopping for a quick drink and snack before going back out to swim a little more.

Sydney stopped for a nap... again.

Ben had a blast, and I think Shawn did too.

Ben and the girls getting ready to go out on the boat.

Sydney's first boat ride.

Ben riding on the boat with his Granny.

Shawn and Ben enjoying the boat ride.

I really enjoyed that we got to spend so much family time.  That's so important to me, and I think that it's something that seems to get lost in the hustle and bustle of day to day life.  That is something Shawn and I have worked very hard to keep a priority.

Sydney laughing with her Pa.

Ben with his Granny and Aunt Kel Kel.

Ben said "Get picture Mommy!"  And it was so cute, how could I not.

Ben was a mad man.  He was running all over the house and the dock, watching movies, going on nature walks and trips on the golf cart, and jumping on beds, all with some of his cousins.  I realized that we don't see them near enough.  I'd like to get Ben with them a little more often than holidays, because they really don't live far from us and he had so much fun.  I like to get him as much interaction with other kids as I can also.

At the end of the trip, the kids were tuckered out, and we were all sunburned.

It was such a good trip.  I'd love to be able to do it again really soon.  This experience also made me look forward to our trip to Houston even more.  I think we are going to go sometime this fall.


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