Big update.

Ok, a lot has happened since my last update on the 28th.  It has been super busy, but such a blast in our family.

Last week, we started our "pre preschool" for Ben.  Basically, I have work sheets and crafts and activities planned for each day.  He's been wanting to go to school really bad, so I decided to do this for him.  So far he's really enjoying it.

Tuesday night, our car broke down.  I grew up in a family where car trouble was the worst thing that could possibly happen and it gives me uber anxiety, but Shawn kept calm and his dad was able to fix the car for us on Saturday.  In the mean time, Shawn's parents let us borrow their Jeep, which I fell in love with.

Friday marked the beginning of our "Stay-cation"  It started out with a play date for Ben with his friend Asher.  Ben didn't want to leave, and Asher wanted to come with us.  It definitely made me realize we don't do this sort of thing enough.  The day ended with a trip to the park, Cici's pizza, and spending time with Shawn's brother and Torren.

Saturday, while Shawn's Dad was fixing our car, the kids and I were playing at the park.  Shawn had a friend from work, Adam, tell him that if the kids wanted to see an airplane up close, we could come out to the airport.  (He's a pilot and had one of his planes here.)  Ben was so excited because he really enjoys airplanes.  When we got there, we got to look at the airplane, inside and out, and then, Adam took us up for a flight.  It was so much fun!  Ben and Sydney's first airplane ride!  I was so excited for both of them, even though Sydney was too young to know.  Even thinking about it now, makes me smile.  Torren came over and we had burgers on the grill.

The headphones squished Ben's face.

Shawn, right before take off.

Adam, flying the plane.

Sunday, we went to Shawn's parent's house.  We went swimming, even though the pool was extremely cold, and did hamburgers and chicken on the grill.

Monday, we had an at home day.  We lounged around the house, and Shawn mowed the lawn.  We were boring.  Torren came over that evening and we had pizza.

Tuesday, we went to the zoo with Shawn's mom, Julie.  We had such a good time, and the weather was amazing.  Ben's favorites were the polar bear, the tiger, the lions, the sea lions, and the elephants.  I think they were my favorites too although I really like the hippos as well.

The polar bear was so cool!

Shawn asked Ben what noise tigers make and Ben immediately starts loudly growling at the tiger.  It was so cute!

Me, the kids, and Julie on the tram.

Today, life went back to normal.  Actually, I spent most of the day playing catch up on household chores.  I was sad for Shawn to go back to work today, but it had to happen.  What a blast we've had this summer.  I'm truly sad to see it ending, but can't wait for fall.


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