Can you believe how cold it has been?

It has been quite chilly lately!  We've had a little snow and last night some freezing drizzle.  With the cold weather comes the dreaded common cold.  We seem to have caught that here in this house.  Sydney and I caught it bad. We've had the fever, runny nose, cough, the whole thing, and Ben seems to have the cough and runny nose but that's pretty much it.  Finally though, everybody is starting to get back to their old selves again.

I have so much to do, it's insane!  My Christmas shopping has barely even begun.  That's my goal this evening.  I have yet to take the picture for the Christmas card.  I need to get that done ASAP!  It's been hard with Sydney being sick, and you could see it just by looking at her.  That's not what I want all of our friends and family to see in their one picture a year they get of our kids...

I did tell you that I would post pictures of the finished Christmas tree.  It turned out wonderful and I'm so excited to show you.

This was night 1 when all we put on was the lights.  Sydney wasn't too sure about it.
 Dad and the babies admiring our Christmas tree.
 Ben putting the ornaments on the tree.  Shawn and I helped to spread them up and around the tree later.
We had mini Christmas cupcakes and fudge to eat while decorating.
Sydney loved the big sparkley ones.
Sydney helped me put the glittery snowflakes on.
Ben got to put the angel on the top.

Our beautiful tree.  All that's missing is the candy canes, which I will be buying tonight, hopefully.

I think it turned out wonderful and we had a wonderful time.

Monday evening, Shawn's parents came out to watch the kiddos while we went to his company's Christmas party at Free State.  I love that restaurant.  Best butternut ravioli I've ever had.  Shawn works with so many neat people.  I like them, and they sure are a good time.

Since then, we've been sick and spending all of our time on the couches watching movies and trying to get over this terrible cold.  Today was the first day of catch up and unfortunately I've not done too well at it.  I need to get my rear in gear, but first, I think if the kids will nap, so will I.


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