Hand Print Ornaments

I came up with this really cute idea to make hand print ornaments.  In the past with Ben we did the plaster hand print, but really, it's to heavy to actually put on the tree.  I came up with another really cool idea.  Since Sydney isn't old enough to decorate hers, I did it for her.

Hand Print Ornaments

What you'll need:

construction paper
cardboard (I used and old cereal box)
anything else to decorate with (glitter, sequins, etc.)

1.  Trace and cut out their hand print.

2.  Glue another color of paper to the cardboard and cut out a shape for the backing of the ornament.

3.  Let them decorate the hand print any way they like.

4.  Glue the print onto the back shape.

5.  Write their name and the year on it.

6.  Put holes in the top and weave yarn through to hang it.

And you're done.


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