Did you blink?

I feel like if I blink, I miss weeks at a time.  It's insane how hours, days, and weeks go so fast.  This week we are getting our house decorated for Christmas.  I feel like last week we were carving pumpkins.

Last Friday, we went to get a Christmas tree at the farm with Shawn's family.  It was fun but of course, doing anything with the family is fun to me and I LOVE all things Christmas.

 Riding out to pick out the perfect tree.

 Ben was so excited and kept saying that the farm was so cute.
 Bunches and bunches of trees.
 Daddy and his baby girl.
 We found the perfect tree and now we're all riding back.
 Granny holding both of her grand-babies.
 The swag my parent-in-laws bought us for our front door.
The swag on the front of our house.

We were supposed to decorate the Christmas tree we got, last night, but it took a little longer than planned to find all of the decorations.  We'll decorate the tree tonight and I'll post pictures and a new update from that.

Saturday, Shawn had "Nerd fest" and the kids and I went to his parent's house.  We went to Costco and JC Penny's and had burgers on the grill.  I had such a good time and I'm pretty sure the kids had a good time too.

Sunday, we went to Mom and Rob's house.  We made dinner (it was wonderful), and went through Christmas decorations.  The boys played together and were wild and crazy.

 My sister and Sydney.
Yummy dinner.
 My brother is an absolute goofball.
 And so is my brother-in-law!

 Shawn and Sydney getting ready for a nap.
Ben and CJ playing in the kitchen.

And in the blink of an eye, the busy and fun weekend is over.  Now, it seems I've blinked again and it's Thursday.

Today, is my lovely sister, Courtney's, 22nd birthday.  I would like to stop and say Happy Birthday to my Corndoggy!

Saturday is my nephew's 2nd birthday.  We'll be going to his birthday party, and Ben is so excited.  He loves playing with CJ.

Looks like time is not going to slow down, I just have to figure out how to keep up.  In the mean time, I am having a blast!

Now, to get the kids to nap.  Mommy wants a nap too.


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