A rant from the mother of a peanut allergic child

It's no secret that my son has a severe peanut allergy, in fact, almost everyone that knows me or my son knows this.  I'm sure that almost every parent can at some point understand what we go through.  Imagine that your child wants some video game or toy that you cannot afford at the time, but all of their friends have this game and they want it so bad.  Still, you have to say no.  The look on their face is so sad and it makes you want to do almost anything to get them that game/toy.  Now, imagine if it was something so small as a candy bar or piece of cake.  Everyone else is eating the birthday cake, but you have to tell your child no, because it may contain peanuts, or has been manufactured on equipment that manufactures peanut products, or because you just don't know.  It's heart breaking.  That's the life of a parent with a peanut allergy.

Yesterday, I came across a link on the Today show's facebook that infuriated me.

School Parents Want Girl With Peanut Allergy Sent Home

This child didn't ask for this allergy and I understand that the other kids in the class didn't either, but should she really be pushed out of school because parents find it inconvenient for their children to wash their hands?  Maybe I should home school my kids allergy or not, because in this house, we wash our hands before we touch food, after we go to the bathroom, after every time we blow our nose, etc.

What is the world coming to when parents are picking on the kid who is different in their children's class?  I remember when I was in elementary school and a boy came in that had autism.  I remember the teachers preparing us for a week or two before he started with any adjustments to make and to help us understand the disorder the disruptions it may cause.  He wasn't even in our class and the whole school was accommodating to this one child.  Peanut allergies are on the rise and an estimate 4% of children in the US have it.  Surely this one child wasn't the only one.

It infuriates me that we as a society can't accommodate for food allergies in certain situations.  I'm not asking you to make the changes in your home, but my child has a right to public education just as much as any other child.  Worst of all, these children are learning from their parents.  The parents who are trying to kick this 6 year old out of school are teaching their kids that someone who is different shouldn't be accepted and that they don't have to accommodate for anyone else in their lives.

Alright, I could go on for hours, but I won't...


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