Superhero Cuff

Ben is obsessed with everything superhero right now.  He's been known to randomly yell "Superhero!" and jump off of furniture or shoot people with his "super tongue."  (The super tongue thing started after watching How to Train your Dragon, so I'm assuming he's shooting fire like the dragons.)

Yesterday, I saw this craft on No Time For Flashcards - Superhero Cuff Craft and knew that we had to do it.

Superhero Craft

What you'll need:

toilet paper roll
sticky back foam

1.  Take your toilet paper roll and cut it up the back.  Round the edges.

2.  Cut shapes out of the foam.  

3.  Peel the backing off the foam and put the shapes on the cuff.  We also put Ben's name in stickers.  Ben liked peeling the backing off of the foam.

And then put it on and get ready for lots of superhero antics.  Ben wore his all evening.

Don't you just love the fake smile he gave me?  He's such a goof ball.


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