St. Patrick's Day

Last week was St. Patrick's Day, and this was the first time, we've gone to the St. Patrick's Day parade out here.  Last year, Sydney was only 8 days old and I felt like it was to chilly and I would have been too overwhelmed to take a 2 year old and a week old baby down to a busy parade.  This year, the weather was amazing, and Shawn was able to take a little break from work to come with us.  We really had a great time and I'm excited to do more things like that with the family.

We all got dressed up in our St. Patrick's Day green.  I just LOVE this picture of my two little sweethearts.

Ben is the biggest goof ball!

Before the parade, the kids and I walked down to Borders, which is going out of business, and bought a bunch of books.  I do have a slight book addiction and I think I'm passing it on to my kids.  After Borders, we did a quick diaper change in the car and sat down for a nice little snack.

After the snack, we met up with Shawn, and watched the parade as a family.

We saw a lot of really neat things in the parade... These are just a few of the floats or groups we enjoyed:

It was really the best day!


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