The Big Move Among Other Things

The move is done!!! While we still have a little unpacking to do and hanging some art work left to do, I can breath easy.  The stress is OVER!  When we are done with a little more unpacking and maybe putting some of our artwork up, I'll take a couple of pictures to show how amazing the new place is.

Now onto a much sadder topic.  Shawn's Grandma isn't doing too well.  She's in the hospital and it just seems that it's all one thing after another after another.  She kept saying "I'm going to get better and get out of here so I can see that baby!"  She hadn't gotten to see Rylie yet and that's pretty sad all in it's own.  She loves my kids and they love her.  They call her GG for Great Grandma.  Their relationship makes me happy, but now we aren't sure what is happening with her health and our fears, of the obvious, have overwhelmed us.  I'm trying to be their for Shawn's mom and the whole family really as much as I can.  Shawn doesn't really show his emotions on the outside, much like most men, it just comes out as being tired or grumpy.  I'm trying to be patient and no pressure him to talk about anything he doesn't want to.

Yesterday, we went to visit Shawn's Granny in the hospital so that she could see and hold Rylie.  Maybe it would be the medicine she needs to get better.  Ben and Sydney wanted to see their GG as well.  They were all so well behaved at the hospital, which made me a proud momma.  They even colored pictures for her while they were there.  GG holding Rylie was so sweet, and I'm glad we got the opportunity to go visit her even if it only was for a few minutes.

She's really one of the neatest, most loving, and funny, sassy ladies you could ever meet.  When we left, she told me "I'm going to get better Lizzi, I have to."  I'm really trying to be positive and would appreciate all the prayers and positive vibes you could send her way.

Saturday was St. Patrick's Day.  Because of the move, and Rylie being so small, we didn't do anything to celebrate other than dress up.  I just wanted one picture of the kids together in their green shirts.  I should have been more specific and said that I wanted a picture of my three happy kids in their St. Patty's green shirts doing what I asked them to do...  Because I didn't, this is what I got:

What can I say?  This picture captures my children pretty accurately.  At least they are cute and sweet.


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