Sydney's Birthday

Here's a post that is definitely past due.  Sydney's birthday was on the 9th of March.  We had hyped up her birthday as much as we possibly could and boy was she excited when it finally got here.

The party started the night before Sydney's birthday when the kids helped Shawn mix the cake batter.

Then it was my turn.  I saw on a friend's Facebook page, a picture of this amazingly colorful birthday cake.  I decided to do that for Sydney and it turned out awesome!

On the morning of Sydney's birthday she got to open a couple of presents.

Shawn worked from home that day so he was able to spend the day with the birthday girl too, even though he still had to work.

I decorated the cake.

Then, everyone got bathed and we even did Sydney's hair, makeup, and nails.

Before leaving town, our friend Torren came over to ride with us and we picked up Shawn's Aunt Susie.  We headed to Kansas City to Shawn's parent's house.  As soon as we got there, Sydney was ready to open some presents.

We all went to one of our favorite mexican restaurants and the whole group was there.  Both Shawn's family and my family were there as well as our children's God Father Torren.

After dinner we went back to open more presents and do cake.

It was quite a birthday.  I think she had a good time.  She got to enjoy it with her family and friends.  She got lots of presents that included clothes, new bedding for her big girl bed, books, dolls, princess stuff, and dress up clothes.  My kids are completely spoiled by all of their loved ones.  And she had an awesome birthday cake, if I do say so myself.


Megan Anderson said…
Happy birthday to Sydney! It looks like it was a great one.

Super cool cake! What flavor was it?
Liz said…
Thank you. It was just yellow cake mix with vanilla frosting. You make the cake mix and separate it into multiple bowls and mix each bowl with food coloring, then pour it into the cake pan in different places, then run a knife through it a couple of times to really swirl the colors a little. Super easy and so cool.

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