It's One Of Those Days...

Today is not going the way I planned it to.  I woke up not feeling too hot.  My stomach muscles ache so badly.  They were a little sore yesterday and today they are terrible and only getting worse.  I still have a rather large, light green bruise on my stomach, that is a reminder I'm not fully healed yet and probably should slow down a little.

Shawn left for Memphis today.  He'll be back tomorrow but as I'm sure my mother could testify, I don't do to well with people leaving me.  I cried every time my Dad left on a business trip and now I'm the same with my husband.  I don't know how you military families do it.  Shawn's only gone for one or two nights at a time and it's difficult.  I can't imagine him being gone for weeks or months or even longer.  I guess, just like we do for the one or two nights at a time, you do what you have to get by.

I was hoping to do fun stuff today like going to the park, crafts, movies, junk food, the whole fun thing.  (Shawn being gone will eventually become normal, but seeing as this is only his third over night trip it's a special occasion.)  The kids had other plans for today.  They played in their rooms all morning, which I'm fine with, but then refused to pick up their messes or even eat lunch until 3:00 this afternoon.  This pushes our dinner out, and seeing as nap time follows lunch, we lost our opportunity for the park as well.  Sydney can't go without a nap.  She is a monster if she doesn't nap and I don't feel confident taking all three children to a park if Sydney is going to be a mess.

I guess I'm just going to chalk it all up to a lazy day and try to enjoy it.  On the bright side, I managed to get some laundry done and will take care of dishes shortly, so I can't really call the whole day a loss.  And, who wouldn't love spending the whole day in their jammies and snuggling with a sweet baby.  I'm even being lazy for dinner... calling in Jimmy John's tonight.


Meagan said…
You better take it easy lady! It will take longer to heal if you don't rest up to start!
Liz said…
I'm definitely learning that lesson... I'm trying to relax more and not do anything too strenuous now that we're all moved and stuff.

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