Guess What!!!

I'm so close to being my normal old blogging self!  Next week, life should finally go back to normal.  My new laptop came today!  Finally! I'm such a happy lady. The reason I'm putting off everything going back to normal until next week is because we are in the process of moving. 

I'm so excited about this move.  The new house is so wonderful for our family and I think the kids are super stoked for this move as well.  We've spent a lot of time at the new house over the past few days and they've had a really good time playing there.  It helps that their bedroom is the biggest room in the house.  The best part is that this is hopefully the last house we ever have to rent.  I'm praying that in the next couple of years we can finally buy a house. 

In other news, Ben and Sydney are adjusting super well to their new sister, Rylie.  They just want to love her up all the time.  We haven't had any problems with jealousy or even really any acting out.  We've had a little bit of trouble with Sydney and some temper problems, but those have been going on since before Rylie's birth and are finally starting to get a little better.  I don't mind the screaming and crying or even the throwing themselves on the ground, but I don't like the hitting, kicking, scratching, pinching and biting we've been dealing with.  I'm finally starting to see light at the end of this tunnel and I honestly think it's an age/phase thing.


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