Benny's First Day Of Preschool

Today was a new milestone for the books for us.  Ben started preschool!  Today he only went for an hour and with half of the class.  I am assuming that it was so the teachers could get the kids names and faces down before they had all 23 students together and to ease the kids into it, since for most of them it is their very first day of school.

Last night, I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he said he wanted pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage.  I needed to go grocery shopping anyway, so I made sure to pick up the things I needed in order to make him this special meal.  While I was out, I picked up a backpack for him even though he doesn't have any supplies to take back and forth.

This morning, Ben came upstairs to our bed bright and early.  The iPad needed to be charged so I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead for him and he watched it from our bed.  What can I say, I wanted a little more sleep.  We were up late last night.

When we went downstairs, I showed him his new backpack.  He loved it!  He also loved how I wrote his name on the back with permanent marker.  He's so sweet and appreciates even the littlest things.

Then, it was time to get breakfast going.  Last night, I mixed the pancake batter and made the sausage patties so in the morning I'd just have to cook the bacon, sausage, mix up and cook the eggs, and scoop and cook the pancakes. We don't usually do big breakfasts.  This is a typical dinner in our house, but we are lazy in the mornings and often eat cereal, poptarts, or breakfast bars and cheese sticks.

We enjoyed a wonderful big breakfast, as a family.  Shawn wasn't downstairs yet when I took the pictures...  He's difficult to wake up sometimes and today was easier than most days.

After breakfast, we all got dressed and ready to go.  Ben looked so handsome, but then again, he always does as far as I'm concerned.

He is a major goofball and makes the funniest faces.  It looks like the sun was in his eyes in this picture, but the sun was actually behind him.  He's just being silly.

He was so excited and I was beyond nervous.  I knew he would do great, but my stomach and nerves seemed to think it was my first day, not his.

Shawn followed us in his car so he could leave straight from the school to work.  We parked on the street and I got the kids out of the car and let Ben put the quarter in the meter.  We also let Ben push the button at the stop light since it was his first day.  Usually we make Ben and Sydney take turns, since it is, of course, a reason to fight.

When we got inside, all the kids and their parents were waiting outside the classrooms for them to open.

We got one last picture before the doors opened and it was time to take Ben inside.

He was very concerned about where he would put his backpack.  We kept telling him that one of his teachers would tell him what to do with it.  When we walked inside, he moved his backpack from his back to his front and he clutched it like a teddy bear in a giant hug.  I don't know if this was his nerves or what, but the teacher immediately said "Hi Ben, here's your name tag so everyone will know your name.  Do you want to hang up your backpack and then go outside?"  He went straight to the hooks to hang his backpack and I said "Alright Bubby, I'm leaving, but I'll be back to pick you up at noon.  Love you."  He took off out the back door to play outside with the rest of the kids and yelled "love you too", but never turned around.  I'm watching other Moms and Dads get hugs and I get a "love you too" with no smile, hug, blown kiss, nothing!  Obviously, I don't leave my kids often because I started to get teary eyed before even leaving the classroom.  Thank goodness I have huge sunglasses, because not long after leaving him, the tears really started flowing.

The girls and I had an hour to kill and I figured it wasn't worth driving home just to turn around and come right back so we walked around downtown.  We went to a children's consignment store and one of our favorite bookstores.  The kids love it because it has a cat.  A bookstore is a bookstore to them.  They just know I buy them books that they love, but that's about it.  I love it because they are cheap used books and they have a huge selection.  The cheaper the better because that means I can get more.  Hahaha!

The hour was up so fast!  We were back to his school by 11:50ish.  We actually beat most of the other parents back.  We watched a little through the small window on the door as Ben was pointing at something on a map on the wall and talking to his teacher.  I was so proud at how involved he was on his first day, since I was always shy on the first day.  After waiting for a while, the teacher opened the door and we could go inside.  The second I walked in the door, I heard "Mommy!"  I looked up and Ben was coming towards me saying "What are you doing here?"  It wasn't like an excited yay you're here type of tone, it was almost as if he was shocked to see me and the teachers and other parents started laughing.  I said "I'm here to take you home, silly boy."  He showed me the class pet again and we picked up his art work from today (a painting he did with the wheels of a car toy instead of a brush) and the snack calendar for this month.  I was delighted to see that another kid in the class has a peanut allergy (I promise, this is not as mean as it sounds) because we are still so nervous giving Ben peanuts.  If you remember he had a peanut allergy from the time he was about a year and half old until around last Christmas.  We now are supposed to expose him to peanuts about once a month but not to give him too many and overload his system.  Peanuts seem to be ok, but peanut butter upsets his stomach quite a bit.  Now I don't have to worry about exposure at school.

When we got back to the car, I asked Ben if he missed me while he was at school and he said "No, I thought you were here to bring me a snack though."  Really?  A snack?  He didn't want me, but he wanted a snack?  I was a little sad.  I was so happy that we didn't have a lot of tears (from him) and issues with leaving him, but I wanted him to at least be a little sad or miss me a little since we spend all of our time together.

Ben told me he made lots of friends but couldn't remember any of their names.  He said he'd make sure to ask their names on Thursday.  He said his new best friend has a peanut allergy, and they played outside together in the play house.

When we got home, I fixed the kids lunch, and then we face timed with his Granny so he could tell her all about his day at school.  Then, it was a normal day.  We played Lego Star Wars together and read together.

He's growing up so fast.  I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for us, but the kids especially.  I am eager to see how well he does in school.  I know he'll do well, but I couldn't have imagined today going so well, so we'll have to see how the rest of the school year goes.

Thursday is a regular school schedule for the day.  Hopefully he'll be there long enough to be ready to come home and see me and his sisters... maybe.


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