Ben's 5th Birthday

Ok, so I've literally been working on this post for awhile... mostly just putting my pictures on flickr so I can post them here since my picasso thingy is full for what they will allow me with out paying, and I'm CHEAP.  My husband bought me flickr pro awhile back, so I'm finally using it.

Just as a warning up front, I'm feeling really sentimental at the thought of my baby growing up so this post is so full of pictures.  Be prepared.

Ok, so on September 17th, my little man turned 5.  I feel like his whole life has been a blink in my life... I mean time has just flown by.  He's such an amazing boy.  He is a comedian and loves making people laugh.  He also loves Power Rangers and Super Heros and everywhere we go, bad guys seem to follow, but Ben protects us all.  Everywhere we go, you can hear him "fighting."

He was such a sweet baby and everybody said I got so lucky because he hardly cried and was just so laid back.

Here's just a few pictures from the last 5 years of my sweet Bubs:

This spectacular boy needed a spectacular birthday party.  I suppose his birthday celebration started on Friday the 14th.  We went to Kansas City, and spent a little time with Shawn's parents.  The kids got to help mow, which they LOVE.

Sydney let me take diva-licious photos of her.  She poses all on her own, with no direction from anyone else.  Anyone that knows her, knows there is no directing her in ANYTHING.  Hahaha!

Then Shawn came over after work.

Shawn, the kids, and I all went fishing with our friends Terry and Buck.  Nothing was caught while the kids and I were there, but I think the big boys did have a little luck after we left.  It was such a beautiful evening, but it did get chilly.  Ben loves fishing.

Saturday, Shawn, his Dad, Ben, and a friend Kevin went to the KU football game.  We didn't win, but it's so much fun anyway.  While they were at the game, I picked up the BBQ meat and then we headed out to the lake to setup for Ben's party.  When Ben got there, he was so excited and surprised!  I really think he enjoyed himself.

Here's a bunch of pictures from the party:

We went home that evening and Ben played his new Lego Harry Potter game before bed.

Sunday was pretty much a typical day except that he seemed to be getting really sick.  Just a cold, but also holding his ears.  He has the worst allergies and asthma which mean he pretty much catches every upper respiratory infection going around and 99% of the time he gets an ear infection as well.  Poor kiddo.

His birthday started out with video games!

And then a trip to the doctor...

Sure enough, he had an ear infection.  He also had mycoplasma which is a bacteria that has no cell walls so a lot of antibiotics can't get rid of it.  It's really not serious, just a cold that some antibiotics won't get rid of.  He went through his antibiotics and is doing much better now, but it still sucks to be sick on your birthday!

On the evening of his birthday, we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant out here in Lawrence, then went back to the house for cake and ice cream.

Yes, Ben finally got the Titanic movie... after looking for it for years, they finally re-released.

I think Ben had a wonderful birthday as well as the whole party weekend even though he was unfortunately sick on his actual birthday.  Thank you to everyone who helped make his day special by attending one of the birthday parties or sending him a birthday message.  Also, on a side note, I was afraid the Hulk gloves would have been a problem and been taken away by now, but I'm proud to report, while they do play with them, nobody has gotten hurt or broken anything and they have not been taken away.


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