Late Sunday Night

I sure hope everyone had a nice and happy Thanksgiving.  I know we sure did.  We did not battle any crazy black Friday shoppers although my husband did go out pretty early Friday morning to get a few things from Walmart and then way later in the day we went to Costco for a new TV, blu-ray, and sound system (not really a sale anymore than the normal Costco prices).  I know, a lot of big purchases, but Shawn just got a new job that pays significantly better than his previous job, which was not a bad paying job either, by any means, so we thought, lets just do it now, and then start saving for a house after Christmas.  I'm so excited for our future.

Ok, back to this weekend.  Friday night, when we came home, Shawn set up the TV and all the fun accessories and moved the old living room TV upstairs to our bedroom.

Laying in bed, watching TV, is a lot different now.  It's insanely awesome for this TV junkie mom.

Saturday, Shawn cleaned the carpets for me.  He's my hero.  Haha!  I know I can be so cheesy, but the things like this make me so incredibly happy.

Shawn's Aunt Kathy and Uncle John decided to get new couches and offered up their old ones.  They aren't in great shape, but the are really comfortable and really pretty beautiful.  Our old couches were really nice, but they were sort of uncomfortable from their wear and tear and the back of the big chair was torn up.  We jumped on the opportunity for these couches from Shawn's Aunt and Uncle and today, Shawn and Terry went to pick them up.  I love them.  Our living room looks so much bigger and the feel is so different.

Tonight, I set up the Christmas tree.  We'll decorate it and some of the house tomorrow.  At some point, we are going to put Christmas lights on the house outside also.  This will be our first time.  We always had them growing up, and I'm excited to start that with our kids.

I am so excited for Christmas.  Every year it gets better and better.

Here's our living room tonight with the new TV, couches, and not done Christmas tree.

Alright, now it's time for bed.  I have a busy week ahead.  Housework, a field trip with Ben's school, Ben's snack day, class, baking 8-10 dozen cookies for Ben's school bake sale, making the nursing cover for Morgan, decorating for Christmas, and decorating at Shawn's parent's house with the kiddos. Tis the season....  Goodnight.


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