Stress and Bedtime

I'm laying in bed tonight. Rylie keeps waking up extremely fussy and I'm anticipating the moment that Ben and Sydney decide their beds aren't good enough and they'd like to pile into mine. I don't care how small the kids or how big the bed... No bed comfortably fits 5 people.

As I lay here, I'm making a lovely checklist of all the things I need to do tomorrow and then the rest of the week in a very small amount of time.

I'm really stressing myself out and now I just feel uneasy at the idea of sleep. Like I should be up working on checking things off of these lists. Ugh. I'm always at my worst when I lay down at night. That's the time my mind starts to wonder. Hopefully I can put it to rest and get a couple hours of sleep before getting up bright and early.


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