Oh, What A Day!

What a day!!!  I am exhausted, yet my hoodlum children don't seem to be going to be early enough any more.  How is it that they have so much energy all day long, and can stay up so late without the slightest hint that they are tired?  I mean, other than the attitudes and grumpiness.  I get that too, the later it gets.  I mean seriously, it's 11:30 and Ben is still awake.  I love my kids, really I do, but this Momma needs her kids to go to bed, so I can have a little me time... for my sanity.

We got a lot of housework done super early so we could enjoy the beautiful day.  After lunch we met Morgan and the girls downtown at the Toy Store.  The kids went crazy in there.  Really, they have so much stuff, it is a really cool store.  When we were done there (I made it out without buying toys for my monsters) we headed to Laugh Out Loud.  Haven't been there in a week and the kids told me they missed it.

Seriously, how cute are Rylie and Leigha?!  Those two are going to be best friends and partners in crime.

After we left Laugh Out Loud, we parted ways with Morgan and her girls.  Langston has dance on Tuesday evenings and we had to run to the library.  I had no reading material for me.  I've been reading the kids Charlotte's Web among several other small story books, but I needed something for myself to read.  I ended up getting a bunch more kids books, and was probably over ambitious with my books considering I got myself two.  Oh well, hopefully I'll get a chance to get some reading in.

The Blind Contessa's New Machine by Carey Wallace and Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner.  Jennifer Weiner is one of my favorite authors of all time.  She writes these stories that make you feel like you and the characters could be best friends and that someone out there, that has no idea you exist, completely understands you.  It's really a good warm fuzzy feeling I get when I read her books.  They also make me laugh until my belly aches and cry until my face is puffy and red.  I just love her.

We came home just in time for me to start dinner.  Texas trash and roasted potatoes, asparagus, green beans, and brussels sprouts.

After dinner, on Tuesday nights, my husband plays nerd games on his computer upstairs.  The kids and I hang out downstairs, working on the house, relaxing, watching television, playing video games, or playing with toys.  Tonight, I enjoyed a little crochet.

The kids played with toys and their iPads.

Sydney also spent quite a bit of time in the play pen with Rylie.  They are so goofy together.

After a while, I fixed myself a snack.  My snack of choice lately has been cheese and grape tomatoes.  So yummy!!!  I also helped myself to a mojito that was calling my name from the fridge.

When my husband was done with his Dungeons and Dweebs as the kids and I call it, (No offense to anyone who plays it.  We just like to give him a hard time.  We also say that he plays it in his underwear and a robe which for the record, he plays fully dressed in normal clothing. Hahaha!) we took out the trash and recycling together, then he raced the kids from our drive way to the neighbors and back, over and over and over again.  At 10:30, he was obviously trying to wear them out, which worked on the girls, but Ben held on until about 10 minutes ago.

Alright, since the kids are finally asleep, I think I'm going to put on my pjs, grab one of my books, and slip into bed.  Hopefully I'll get some sleep.  Good night.


Sandra said…
It's hard when the kids aren't ready for bed, mine used to do that when they were younger but I finally put my foot down and made 9pm bedtime, no ifs ands or buts about it, it was the only time I had to myself and needed the break. :)

Hope you're having a good long weekend :)

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