Why Catholics Love Doctor Who

I don't know why, but when I read this, I completely fell in love with it.  I have to say that I loved Doctor Who since before I was a Catholic, but I fell in with Catholicism for many of the reasons listed here as why Catholics love Doctor Who.  

I just thought this was super cute and had to share it myself.  I found it at Molly Makes Do.

7 QTs - Why Catholics Love Doctor Who

Okay, to start off with - everyone should love Doctor Who, just plan and simple.  However, I've been noticing a trend on Pinterest of some of my favorite friends and bloggers pinning things in tandem to boards about religion and the Doctor and it made me wonder if there's a correlation.  Most of these women have admitted that they don't like alien movies or sci-fi TV shows, yet love this regenerating, time traveling heroic anti-hero.  In a moment of over analysis this is what I came up with.

So today for the Quick Takes I bring you the 7 (okay 8) reasons I think Catholics love Doctor Who 

1.  We love anything that operates outside of time and space.

      2.  We love ridiculous ceremonial clothing

        3.  We love social justice.
            4.  We love penance and forgiveness.

                5.  We love a good apostolic tradition

                 and don't forget those Holy Orders

                  6.  We love Really Important Women

                      7.  We love Miracles

                          8.  We love Ancient, Dead Languages


                          Elise Martinez said…
                          This is great :D I'm not Catholic but I love Doctor Who!! You did a good job explaining why it's an awesome show.
                          Liz said…
                          Hahaha! Thanks. I don't know that it's 100% accurate but I came across it on another blog and had to share. It was just too funny.

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