School's Out For Summer

Last week was Ben's last week of school.  My baby boy is starting kindergarten next year.  He only went to school two half days a week, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and next year he'll be in all day kindergarten.  I'm a little sad.  It was also sad for me to not see my mom friends twice a week anymore.

Tuesday, Ben's class went to the Natural History Museum and the Spencer Art Museum out here at the KU campus.  I told Ben that we'll go back to the Natural History Museum very soon so he can show us around.  He's excited about that.

Wednesday, Ben had an eye appointment.  He was so nervous.  I left the girls with Torren so I could give my nervous boy the one on one attention he needed.

It's blurry but too cute to not share.  His glasses will be in either this week or next.  He's so excited.

Thursday, was Ben's last day of school.  He had a family and school picnic at the park a couple of blocks from the school.  It was a lot of fun.

After the picnic, the boys got haircuts and we headed home.  Shawn had to leave on a business trip.  Sydney was determined to make him stay.

Shawn was back super late Friday night.  Saturday, we took Torren out to dinner for his birthday.  He's an important part of our family.

Sunday, we hung out at the in-laws.  Shawn helped his dad open up the pool and we all played outside for hours.  We got out the soft ball and bat and gloves and played catch and then hit the ball around in the pasture.  It was lots of fun.  Made me miss playing softball.  My stomach muscles have been quite sore since so I think I might make the batting cages a weekly exercise thing.  The weather got ugly in the evening, so we chose to stay a little later than usual to avoid driving in severe weather.  It blew the vine off of their house!

I do have to point out that by the time the storm got to us, it had fizzled out quite a bit.  There were tornadoes in Wichita, and tennis ball sized hail in Emporia.  We were fortunate and didn't experience any of that.

Monday, we all sat and watched in horror as the footage from Moore, Oklahoma was shown on every news channel.  We spent our afternoon full of tears and prayers for the lost, dead, and people who lost others, or everything they owned due to an awful tornado.

 Source The Daily Beast

Source Daily Kos

Last night, I turned on trashy reality TV (The Real Housewives of Orange County) folded some laundry and did a little crochet.  I needed to take my mind off of the horror and sadness. 

Today, as life goes on for us, I'm going to try to get the kids out of the house a little bit.  Maybe enjoy Laugh Out Loud with their cousins and get a chance to be care free kids instead of watching the devastation on television for another day.


Debbie Jones said…
Yes, the events in Oklahoma were terrible. I had to watch Real Housewives to get my mind off of it as well. I am curious if you have a favorite housewife. I don't relate much to Tamara - she seems to have anger issues. I am quite interested in Heather and the new housewife with the mom who smokes pot just now. Hope you have a great summer now that the kids are out of school!
Liz said…
I actually kind of like Tamara. I don't really relate to her well, but I love how she can sometimes be obscene. My favorite is actually Heather but Lydia might be taking over the position for my favorite.

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