Busy Fun

Sorry in advance for the picture overload.

Getting ready for vacation has been stressful and exhausting, but we've tried to make it fun as well.  Yesterday on our trip to get Ben's birth certificate, we also went to the Kansas Museum of History and Gage Park, as well as lunch at Hanover Pancake House.

We were hungry and around the corner from the Office of Vital Statistics (where we got the birth certificate) was a cute and fun little diner called Hanover Pancake House.  The kids enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes, and I devoured a corn beef hash scrambles bowl.  Tuesdays, with a regular entree you can get a free slice of pie.  I got the peanut butter pie and it was so rich and creamy with the best crust.  My mouth is watering as I type this.

My kids are so in love with the Kansas Museum of History.  We have gone three times now in the last month.  The kids were so excited to show their cousin Langston all the neat things there.  I have so many pictures of this fun museum with lots of hands on things and a play section for the kids.

Ben is very interested in Quantrill's Raid.  I think it's probably because we live in Lawrence, where the huge massacre occurred.  I'm on the look out for anything that might be happening here since this August will be 150 years.

The discovery are for kids is full of dress up clothes, puppets, toys, etc.  It was so cute and the kids loved it!!!

After the museum, we went to Gage Park.  They have a train, a carousel, plenty of play grounds, ponds, and an amazing rose garden.  I had many birthday celebrations there growing up and being there felt wonderful and brought back so many memories.

Langston and Sydney were nervous.  Sydney wanted me to hold her hand.  Morgan's face is priceless.

We walked through the beautiful rose garden, partially because we wanted to see the amazing roses and partially because they had the sprinklers on and we were so hot.

Morgan wants to get married here.  It would be beautiful!

There were tons of fish in the pond.  The kids would spit in the pond and the huge gold fish would come to the surface to eat the spit.  So gross!!!  There were schools of smaller black fish that the gold fish would also try to eat.

It was hot, and my car has no AC, but the trip was still fun!

Today, I ran errands all morning, but I can tell you that Ben and Sydney are now completely enrolled in school for the next year.  Now, I need to finish packing so I can be ready to go when my husband is ready with the rental.

Alright, off I go, to finish getting ready for vacation.  What a day!!!


Deb said…
What a fun, fun day! I love museums like the one you visited! Hope you have a great vacation - rest, relax and enjoy!
If you hear about anything going on with the Quantrill anniversary let me know. I think your brother and I will do the history museum and some of the walking tour of the Quantrill raid on Friday.

Tell Morgan that was my original plan to get married in the rose garden at Gage Park- until your father wanted to get married in December!!!! Not as pretty then, especially since we had about 8 inches of snow on the ground!

Have fun on vacation and I can't wait to get together when you get back- Love you! Mom

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