Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather..... Hot and humid today, but it looks like it may be a little cooler later this week.

Right now I am....Watching about the royal baby and on the phone with my mom.

Thinking....About how much I still have to do around the house.  Coming back from vacation is hard.

On my reading pile....The Duggars: 20 and Counting! and The First American Cookbook

On my TV.....Desperate Housewives, and I was also on Baby watch

What I found while surfing the net....Nothing at the moment.  I've been busy working on chores all day and I just got home from vacation yesterday.

On the menu for this week....I have no menu at this point for the week.  I need to come up with one, but just haven't planned that far ahead.  I don't even know what I'm cooking for dinner yet and it's 3:40.

On my to do list....
Finish laundry
Clean the counters in the kitchen
Clean the kitchen floor
Bake cookies

In the craft basket....I'm hoping to get to work on my granny square blanket at some point this evening.  

Looking forward to this week....Getting back into the swing of things since vacation.  

Looking around the house....The kids are resting in their beds and I'm sitting in a clean living room (well except for the floor which needs vacuuming and maybe a good carpet cleaning) while Desperate Housewives is on the TV.  The washer, dryer, and dishwasher are running.  I have candles burning above the kitchen sink, on the fireplace mantel, and on the dresser in my bedroom.  The house smells amazing.

From the camera....

On my prayer list.....
Anyone who needs it right now...

Bible verse, Devotional....
Do not hate hard work;  work was assigned by God.  Ben Sira 7:15


Sandra said…
Vacation is wonderful, but coming back is always a bummer LOL The worst part for me is unpacking and knowing I have tons of laundry etc. Ugh!

Hope you're having a good week so far :)

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