Up and At 'Em

Rise and Shine!

I love gorgeous mornings, when it isn't hot yet and you can sit on the patio and enjoy the birds singing and grasshoppers chirping.  You can smell the grass and the flowers.  That's where I am this morning.  I got up with the husband this morning which isn't the usual, although I hope to make it the new norm.  Usually, I'm up with the kids so much in the night that I sleep until they wake me in the morning.  I have so much to do over the next day and a half or so that I'm stressed beyond belief and trying to just keep calm.  I know that I should leave it in God's hands and not stress.  Everything will happen the way it's supposed to.

Today, is going to be a lot of fun mixed with a little business.  I have to go to Topeka to pick up Ben's birth certificate.  Morgan and her the girls are going to join me and we are going to make a day out of it.  We plan to go to the History Museum and maybe the park to ride the train and carousel.  This will be the third time the kids and I have gone to the museum in the last month.  They love it.  Trust me, I'll be taking lots of pictures, as I usually do when we are there.

This evening I need to pack up the dog and take her to our friend Terry in Kansas City so he can watch her while we are gone on vacation.

Tomorrow, I have to finish packing, Sydney has a doctor's appointment, and then I'm off to Sydney's school to turn in her paperwork, and Ben's school to turn in his paperwork.  Lots to do and not much time, because tomorrow we also pick up our rental, pack it up and head to Eureka Springs.  Our friend Torren will be taking care of our sweet kitty Harley Quinn and our house while we are gone.

I've been to Eureka Springs before, but it's been a long time.  I'm really excited.  We are staying in a neat hotel downtown and going to enjoy a couple days just seeing the sights, maybe a cave or a gorgeous spring, and really just having a good time as a family. Sometime Friday, we are going to Shell Knob to finish our vacation at Table Rock Lake. I'm hoping for fun and relaxation!!!

My birthday is Thursday, so I'm hoping for a nice time.  As long as I'm surrounded by family, then I'll be happy.

Alright,my coffee and I are off to get my day started.  I have some laundry waiting to be folded, hungry kids climbing out of bed, and lots of packing to work on before we get headed to Topeka.  Have a wonderful day.


Deb said…
Enjoy your vacation. We just got home from ours a few days ago. Always fun to get away. Have a great time!

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