RIP Obi Wan

About a month ago we bought our first family Betta fish, Obi Wan Kenobi.  We've loved him and the kids enjoyed feeding him twice a day as well as cleaning his tank once a week.

Yesterday Sydney and I cleaned his tank.  Everything seemed fine.  This morning we turned on his light, and fed him.  He was swimming along working on his love nest that we removed yesterday by cleaning his tank.

We left to run some errands and when we returned, poor Obi Wan was doing the dead fish float.

He had some issues with eating since we got him.  I did some research and read that it's normal for a fish to not eat well for a week or so after you get them.  An adjustment period, I suppose.  Well, it never got better and I looked at different foods, soaking his food first to soften them, nothing...  Today, he sadly took a swim to the great wide ocean in heaven.  We'll miss him and are all sad.  Ben is heartbroken, but he feels everything so deeply!  We've promised the kids we will buy them a new fish when we return from vacation.  In the mean time, I'm planning on doing some more research on Bettas and their food.  If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it.


Cassie said…
I had some bettas that lasted quite a while. I changed 60% of the water out and left 30% of the old water when I did the water changes. I've heard you are supposed to leave the love nest in the tank and not remove it, I don't understand how not to disturb it without getting all the fish poo out though.
Liz said…
Shawn had one that's love nests would fill up the complete top of the tank so his mom would scoop it out with a spoon. She would laugh and say she was cock blocking. LOL I've never had one that lived for such a short time. I did change out most of the water. I will make sure with the next one that I don't change out so much water. I mostly did it because he wasn't eating well and his food would sit on the rocks on the bottom and turn gross.

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