Flying By The Seat Of My Pants

Yup, I'm hanging in there.  Life has been absolutely crazy!  As I look through my previous posts to see what I have already mentioned of this craziness, I see that I've been neglecting my blog during some important and really big, some scary events.

A few weeks ago, we had a really scary even with Rylie.  We were getting ready to go get Ben from school.  I told the girls I was going to pee and we'd be on our way.  I left my drink, in a big tumbler cup with a hard straw and lid, on my tray next to the couch.  I think Rylie was trying to bring me the cup and taking a drink at the same time, when she tripped in the hallway and fell on the cup, or the straw rather.  All I could see from the toilet (sorry for the possible TMI, but face it, we all pee) was parts of the straw flying across the floor.  Rylie came in with her hand, face, and shirt covered in blood.  It took me a second to figure out where the blood was coming from.  She had the hard straw in her mouth when she fell and gouged the rough of her mouth and it was bleeding like I've never seen anything bleed before.  I immediately grabbed a washcloth and got it wet with cold water, rung it out and shoved it in her mouth.  I cleaned her up the best I could and out the door we ran.  I drive a minivan and Rylie sits in the middle row in her big car seat, right behind me, and Sydney sits directly behind her in her booster seat, using the regular van's seat belt. In a moment of panic and hurry, that I'm not proud of, I got Rylie buckled in, and when Sydney couldn't get her seat belt buckled I told her to sit back and hold on. We drove the two blocks to Ben's school (no busy streets) and jumped out of the car, ran inside, and told one of women in the office we had an accident at home and need to pick up Ben quickly so we can go to the ER.  While I was signing him out she ran to get him.  Don't worry Ben was able to buckle Sydney and himself in for the 5 or so minute ride to the hospital from his school.

In the ER they looked at it, gave her a Popsicle, referred us to an ENT and sent us on our way. They told us she couldn't eat hot or even warm food, no hard or crunchy food and no salty. Basically she was back to baby food, and of course lots of Popsicles.  There was a chunk of skin just hanging there in the roof of her mouth and I specifically asked if they would do anything with it, and they said no.

We went to the ENT 2 days later.  He looked at it and told me how lucky we were.  That with how hard she got the roof of her mouth (it only gouged on the hard pallet) that if she would have hit the soft pallet or the sides we would have been dealing with a stroke.  Can you imagine?  You have this beautiful 18 month old that is so wild and full of life, falls on a straw, and is never the same again, if they even survive?  It's the worst thing for me to even think about.  God was looking out for my little angel baby again.  He also told me that he wasn't going to do anything about the big piece of wadded up skin on the roof of her mouth.  He kept her on the restricted diet for about another 5 days, and said he wanted to see her back in 2 weeks to make sure it healed flat.  I'm thinking in my head, How on Earth is this going to flatten out???

Two weeks later we go in for her appointment and the dangling skin, that looks like a uvula hanging from the roof of her mouth, is still there.  We go in, completely unsure of what is going to happen. The doctor looked at it, poked at it with a q-tip and decided that the skin is healthy and isn't going anywhere on its own.  He thought it would protect the roof of her mouth while it healed and then dry up and fall off.  Typical of my family, nothing happens like it's supposed to.  We get to go back in 3 months and decide to either have it removed or not.  Of course we have it removed.  I don't need to give her anything to feel self conscious about.  Life is hard enough as it is.  Also, it's hurting her speech.  Things she used to say just fine like Banana are now a jumbled mess of Ba-la-la.  She avoids putting her tongue on the roof of her mouth, she hasn't slept since the accident happened, and she cries telling me it hurts.

I finally got fed up, and Wednesday called the doctor, one week after we were there last. I told the nurse that Rylie was crying, not sleeping, and telling me that her mouth hurt.  The nurse called me back and told me that the doctor said "It's healed so it doesn't hurt."  Nothing else!!!  I was so mad. We haven't received a bill yet, so I don't know for sure, but I'm assuming we are going to be paying out the Hoohaw for seeing a specialist and now he's brushing us off.

Just wait, I'm not done.  It gets better...

Ok, so I decide to call her pediatrician since she's also had a cold, pretty much since the day she went off of her antibiotic from the accident.  My thinking was that he would look in her mouth and see if it was inflamed during his exam.  Well her doctor wasn't available and we were left with the nurse practitioner.  She's nice and we've always enjoyed her so I said that was fine.  When we got there and in the room we learned that she was teaching a student.  The student ended up coming in, alone, to do the exam.  She was more concerned with the strawberry hemangioma, that Rylie's chart said she had, than her mouth or her cold.  She did have one (a red spot on her chest) that showed up a month or two after birth, but her doctor assured us this was very common and would go away by the time she was two or so.  He was right, because it's gone.  This student (who is an RN already) had me partially undress Rylie to show her that the hemangioma was gone.  Am I crazy, or is this weird?

Finally she looked in Rylie's ears, nose, and mouth.  She didn't say a word about the roof of her mouth but did mention that her ear needed a look by Karla (the nurse practitioner).  I have to tell you, Shawn has been on me about getting her to a doctor because of her ear tugging, but I told him she was fine because the ENT looked in her ears at both appointments and told me they looked great.  The nurse practitioner came in, looked in her ear and said "Oh this ear has been infected for a while."  They put her on another antibiotic and sent us on our way.  We went to the car, where I sat there and cried.  This ENT is a quack.  My poor daughter had an ear infection that he looked at and then told me she looked great, and Rylie is complaining that her mouth hurts and he says "It's healed.  It doesn't hurt."  I don't want to give this man another penny so I'll be talking to Rylie's actual pediatrician, not a nurse practitioner or student, for a referral to an ENT at Children's Mercy in Kansas City.  I don't want this careless, lazy man to do a surgery, no matter how minor it may be on my child.

Ok, moving on.  So Ben's birthday was Tuesday!  My baby boy is now 6!  We threw him a birthday party on Saturday at the lake.  We brought BBQ and cake, as well as a playground type ball, football, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk.  We decorated the shelter with Power Rangers and balloons.  Friends and family were there and we just had a really wonderful time.  There was a playground right next to the shelter as well as a volleyball net, an area for horse shoes, and a big open field for running or playing catch.  We had so much fun.

It really was wonderful!  And Tuesday was wonderful as well.  Shawn worked from home that day, so we didn't really see him during the day because he was upstairs working, but the exciting thing was that he surprised Ben by coming with us to pick him up from school.  We went out to eat for Ben's birthday at Cinzetti's.  So delicious!  It's a nice Italian Buffet and our group was large so it worked out well.  Both Shawn's side of the family as well as mine were there.

The waitress surprised Ben with a chocolate molten lava cake covered in whipped cream with a candle for his birthday. He had no idea it was coming until she snuck up behind him telling us to start singing Happy Birthday.  When we started singing he looked startled, surprised, and excited. It was adorable.

My mom was out of town during the party on Saturday so she brought his present to the restaurant.  He was so excited by the Skylanders stuff.

When we came home from the restaurant Ben finally got to open the presents from us and Torren.

He's growing up so fast.  He's in kindergarten now.  He's learning math, like real math problems ie 5+7=__ or 8-4=__ and word problems!!!  He's learning to read, already.  I know this may seem normal to a lot of people, but this is not the kindergarten I'm used to.  It's amazing.  I remember kindergarten being somewhat similar to what preschool is.  Learning your numbers, letters, months, etc, listening to stories, coloring, playing outside, and playing pretend inside.  I'm wowed, and his teacher is so wonderful.  She emails on a regular basis to keep us aware of what is going on as well as sends home his folder daily where the school district only has them do it once a week.  The kids give her high fives before they are allowed to leave in the afternoon so she can see that they are leaving her and where they are going.  She's really great and Ben loves her.  I couldn't ask for a better teacher or experience for him.

Sydney has been in preschool for a couple of weeks here.  She has really been enjoying it and is making new friends.

Sydney is such a sweet girl and has fallen in love with all of the rolly pollies we have outside our house.  I told her that she cannot bring them in the house but can love them up while she is out side all she wants.  One morning, she found a bunch of baby ones and kept insisting to bring them in and keep them as pets.  As usual, I told her no they had to stay outside.  She then decided that she would not come inside if they weren't allowed inside.

Don't worry, I finally did convinced her to come inside, get dressed, and eat breakfast.

Alright, and last but certainly not least in my list of news and Tiemann craziness.  We decided that we were probably done having babies after Rylie was born.  The labor and recovery was not easy, and the pregnancy was scary.  I really thought we were done.  Well God had a different plan for us.

The last addition to this section of the Tiemann family is on his/her way, due April 23, 2014.  I've been exhausted, and had off and on morning sickness.  I can't complain about the sickness really, after having it all day, every day, during the pregnancy with Rylie.  The exhaustion though has been way worse than I have ever experienced before.  Some moments I'm to exhausted to lift my arms or to sit up.  This doesn't work well with 3 little monsters already at home.  I'm eager to get through this portion of pregnancy and really the pregnancy in general.  We are hoping for a boy, but all we really want is a healthy baby.  Shawn's been calling it our little gummy bear since that's what it looks like in the sono picture we have.  I'm very nervous, but finally getting to wrap my head around having one more beautiful baby.

There you have it.  The craziness here, or at least all that I cold think of off the top of my head.  I have to feed my girls some lunch and the laundry is calling my name.


I'm exhausted just reading it so I can imagine how you feel!!!!

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