Sydney's First Day

Today was Sydney's first day of preschool.  She's growing up so fast!

Last night, Shawn got a phone call from his dad asking him to the Royals game tonight so of course he needed his good Royals shirt washed.  I had to wash and dry his shirt and shorts late last night. I didn't end up sleeping long but what sleep I did get was pretty hard.  This morning, Ben and I were up bright and early so I could get him dressed, fed, teeth brushed, and taken to school.

Ben is my sweet boy.  Every morning, I pull up in the drop off zone of the parking lot, he moves to front of the van, gives me a hug and a kiss, and gets out.  As he's getting out, I always tell him to have a good day, be great, and that I'll pick him up in a little bit.  Usually he'll say "Love you, Mom.  See you later, alligator." and of course I say "After a while, crocodile." as he's running past the van.

So, after dropping off Ben, I came home and started trying to get Sydney ready for school.

She wanted to wear her new pink outfit with a headband, but wanted her hair curled.  I plugged in the curling iron and after about 45 seconds, Sydney grabbed it and burned her hand.  Thank goodness it wasn't all the way hot yet, but I know it hurt.  I grabbed her an ice cube.  There were a few tears, but not for long.  I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer for her hand and then sat down to start curling her hair.  Sydney was fine.  We watched the Today show together while I curled her hair.  I was almost done, and she starts crying telling me her hand hurt.  I looked at it, and there was no blistering or discoloration and she still had it on the ice pack.  It didn't make sense that it was all of a sudden bothering her that bad again.  Before long she was screaming and sobbing so hard she couldn't breath.  Nothing I did would help.  I tried putting aloe on her hand, keeping the ice pack on it, etc.  After about 45 minutes, and re-straightening her hair (just looked better straight with it down) I realized that she was having a melt down because of nerves with starting school.  It took forever to calm her down and I began to question her going in today.

Finally, I got her to calm down and get ready for school.  She looked so cute and grown up.

She was so cute and nervous.  When the door opened to the classroom we went inside.  I showed her where to hang her back pack.  She gave me a hug and off she went outside to the playground.
She didn't look back.  I was so proud!  Rylie and I killed a little time downtown before coming back.  School today only lasted an hour.  Thursday will be a normal class. When I came back to get her, Teacher Megan said that Syd had lots of fun today.  She painted two pictures, made another picture by gluing lots of circles to another piece of paper, played outside, and played a game.  All in the hour that she was there.  She's so excited for Thursday.

We went out to lunch but her stomach was upset and she didn't really eat.  I think it was still nerves.  She doesn't do change well, and her dance teacher sent out an email this morning saying that she has breast cancer and will not be teaching classes.  She still wants to run the studio but wanted the parents to explain to the students in case they see her there.  This way they aren't scared when she might look different.  Sydney was very upset.  I told her that Mrs. Amanda was sick and won't be teaching her dance class for now but that she might stop by to check on them. This may have been part of Syd's problem this morning as well as the upset stomach at lunch.

We came home just long enough for the girls to fall asleep. I had to wake them pretty quickly and go pick up Ben from school.  We got to the front door just in time for Ben's class to start walking out.  He's so sweet.  The first thing he said was "Did Sydney have fun on her first day of school?" When we got home, he showed me his art work he did today, the prize he got for doing his homework this weekend, and sang the song to me they learned at school.  He didn't have any homework tonight, so while I got Sydney ready for dance class he was able to play Minecraft on his iPad.

It wasn't long, and we were on the road again.  This time we were on our way to Sydney's dance class.

Syd actually handled the new dance teacher thing well, but I think it's partially because they young girl that helps the teacher is the same.  Sydney loves her.

Shawn is still at the baseball game and I am about to put some kids in bed and hop in bed myself. I'm just exhausted after all day running around.  I was not meant to be up late at night and get up early.


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