Just Another Busy Day in the Christmas Season

So much has been going on here with the holiday season and Ben having surgery.  Maybe I'll get the chance to do a quick picture catch up tomorrow.  Today... today is a post just about today, and maybe a little of last night.

Shawn and I don't usually have the ability to do Christmas presents for each other.  Everything we have, we usually give to the kids.  This year, we are fortunate enough, with Shawn's new job to get each other a gift as well.  Shawn went above and beyond with a gift for me.  He got me the camera I've been wanting for a long time, and he gave it to me last night so that I can take pictures of the holiday season and all that we do along the way.  I've been playing with it, since I opened it.  I'm glad to get the chance to test it out now.  I've been having a lot of fun with it.

I think what surprised me so much with this camera is how great the pictures look when I only have half a second to snap it or the moment is gone.  It's almost impossible to get Rylie to stay still long enough for a picture and now I'm getting endless amounts of great Rylie pictures.

We have done a small amount of decorating around the house.  I do need to get on it though. Maybe this weekend will be all about decorating.

Of course before bed I got in, my daily devotional.  I keep the book by my bed so I can read it in the morning and again before bed.

This morning I got up and took Ben to school while Shawn stayed home with the girls.  He left not long after I got home.  The girls spent most of the morning in their pajamas, lounging around, and playing on iPads.

Keeping a tree decorated with an almost 2 year old is near impossible.  She loves the new pretty ornaments we bought this year.  Thank goodness they are plastic and shatter proof.  And she really loves the candy canes.  We barely have any candy canes left on the bottom half of our tree.

Of course, we can't go a day without a couple of tantrums from at least one child.

Ben gets out of school early on Wednesdays, and he was getting very shaggy, so it was time to take him for a haircut at the barber shop.  Since we were downtown already, we met with Morgan, Langston, and Leigha at Laugh out Loud for a couple of hours.

When we came home, we did some picking up of the living room, which you almost immediately couldn't tell we'd done because there were toys everywhere two minutes later.  The kids spent some time playing and we watched Scrooged on TV.

Bedtime and our time after dinner is always chaotic.  Between picking up, getting pajamas on, teeth brushed, etc.  Yup, we live in a madhouse.

After dinner, it was cookie baking time.  Syd's school does a cookie sale every year and I signed up to make cookies.  8-10 dozen cookies, actually.  While baking cookies, we watched Christmas Vacation, which is one of my favorites.  I also took some time, between moving around batches of cookies, to work on the baby blanket I started.

I can't wait to see if we are having a boy or a girl. I'm officially at 20 weeks now, which means I'm technically halfway through with the pregnancy but I'm over halfway through.  I find out the gender of our baby in another week and a half, on the 16th.

Alright, the big kids are asleep in their beds, Shawn's asleep sitting on the couch, and Rylie is asleep next to me on the couch.  I think it's time for me to turn off the Very Brady Christmas that is on the TV and get Shawn and Rylie to bed, as well as get my hiney in bed.  Well, I'm going to take some Tums first, then get to bed.  Goodnight!


Sandra said…
So happy for you with your new camera, I'm sure you're going to love it as much as I love mine :)

Loved seeing all the pictures of your daily going ons, it's those moments that will one day make you smile as you look back and remember :)

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