My Little Rylie

Well, she's not so little.  Last week, on Valentine's Day, she turned 2!

Shawn was out of town for work on the 13th and the present wrapping was left to me.  I'm not a fan of wrapping.  My husband loves it, but I don't.  Oh well, Ben helped me out while the girls slept.

On the morning of a kid birthday, in our house, the kids get to open a couple of presents in the morning.  This is usually an outfit and a toy, something for them to wear on their birthday and something for them to play with. Everything else waits until the evening.  Because Shawn was in a hotel in LA at the time, we called him on FaceTime so he could still watch Rylie open presents.  With today's technology, there is no reason a parent should miss out on anything in a kids life and vice versa.

I even blew up a couple of balloons so the kids could play with them.

Because it was Valentine's Day and Shawn was across the country until the afternoon he had flowers sent to me and each of the kids.  I thought it was really sweet.  He also brought home my favorite special chocolates from Christopher Elbow.

That evening, Shawn made pancakes for dinner, and his parents and his brother and family came out to help celebrate.

Of course you have to have cake on your birthday.  I should also mention, I have not mastered the art of cake making, and my kids do not like box mix cake for some reason.

Rylie loves it when we sing Happy Birthday to her.

She had to have some help.  She doesn't quite have this candle thing figured out yet, but don't worry, her boys were to the rescue.

Cheezing and cake eating with her Aunt MoMo.

Saturday was the day for her big party.  The boys went out to run errands while Sydney and I decorated the kitchen.

It was a full on Doc McStuffins birthday.

Since Rylie isn't a big cake eater, I gave her the option of a cake or cookies.  She chose cookies and we have this adorable bakery not far from home that hand frosted all of the cookies to match with the Doc McStuffins theme of the party.

When I asked Rylie what she wanted for her birthday party, she told me Doc McStuffins and balloons, so I bought a cheap helium tank from Walmart and filled balloons.  We have really tall ceilings in our living room so I put them all in the kitchen.  The kids all loved them, and even the adults, but Rylie was in balloon heaven and wanted to hold them all.

All of the close family was there.

It was so much fun, and Rylie had a wonderful time.

I should also add that while the boys were out running errands (haircuts, picking up the pizza, picking up the cookies and a quick grocery run) Shawn managed to help pull out Ben's first loose tooth!  My kids are growing up so fast!  Ben was extremely upset (after a long and exhausting day) that the tooth fairy was going to take his tooth so yes, in the pictures I have of him, he'd been crying.  Don't worry, when he woke up to money under his pillow, he was much better.


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