The First Half of a Busy Week

So last week was insane with deliveries, and unexpected errands and service calls to the house. Thankfully this week seems to be a little bit more normal, however, Shawn is out of town all week, so everything falls on me.

Monday, was mostly a normal day, except that Shawn usually leaves for work at 7 or 8 ish and instead had to leave around 5:30 or 6 to catch his flight to San Francisco. I had grocery shopping that needed to be done, but I was quite sore and didn't dare brave the grocery store.  I order Jimmy Johns for the kids for dinner with hopes of an early bed time for us all.  While Shawn is away, I set the kids up with a bed on my floor so we can shut and lock the door and not have the noise from the dog of the kitchen or the cat running all over the house like crazy, keeping me up and paranoid all night long.  I just feel better when I can sit up in the middle of the night and see them sleeping.

Usually when Shawn is gone, after dinner we get on pjs and retreat to the bedroom.  The kids take their iPads and we have the TV and we do homework and anything else in there.  It's like our little hang out area.  Last night, Ben did his homework in his bed area and then we all watched the latest Jessie that I had on the DVR.

He's doing so well in school.  I'm such a proud mom.  He's had a lot of struggles with learning his letters and reading.  I honestly think his problems stem from his ears and after they were fixed, he could hear all the sounds the letters make.  When your child is struggling, it's very difficult on the parent.  He would try and try and nothing would click.  Now, everything seems to have clicked.  They tested the class on recognizing the upper case and lower case letters, as well as the sounds the letters make and he got 100% on all of it.

Yesterday morning we got up and took Ben to school.  After a lousy night of sleep, I needed a little coffee. My kids are Starbucks-aholics and the girls demanded hot chocolates.  The hot chocolates went deliciously with leftover donuts I picked up at the bakery after Mass on Sunday.

Sydney had school in the morning also, so we got her ready and off we went.  After dropping off Sydney, Rylie and I headed to the grocery store.  We were done quite quickly but for the first time in a long time, Rylie was super well behaved.  Usually it's a fight to keep her in the cart.  She'll be standing up or trying to throw things out in a temper tantrum.  We had none of that this time and I must say, it was amazing.  When we got home I set her up on the chair with a snack of some raisins and some Doc McStuffins on her iPad while I put groceries away.

We weren't home long before it was time to pick up Sydney again, so off we went.  I swear I spend most of my time in my van.

In Sydney's class they have a class bear that the kids take turns taking home and write about their adventures.  After waiting for quite some time (they go alphabetically by first name and Sydney is last) it was finally Syd's turn.  She was so excited to bring Teddy home.

After picking up Ben, we had to come home and get ready for Sydney's dance class.  Can you tell that Rylie was worn out and in need of a nap?

At dance, it was watch week, which means that family can come in for the last 10 minutes of class.

Rylie ended up sleeping all through dance and until dinner was done.  While Shawn is gone we just do quick and easy meals although Tuesdays are usually quick and easy meals also since we aren't home until after 6ish and that's around when we usually like to eat.  Last night, it was frozen pizzas.  Nothing special but good anyway.  Especially when loaded with Tabasco sauce.

After dinner, I sat down to work on my blanket for just a minute and we Facetimed with Shawn. All of my squares have been solid colors I thought it would be fun to do a row or 4 rows of two colors each square, I haven't decided that yet.  I like them though. My blanket is coming out so random and fun.  I just love it and I wasn't sure I would.

Rylie found Teddy and wanted her picture taken with it.  This was her cheese face.

Then it was time to journal for Teddy.

Ben had a little homework, so we conquered that in my bedroom so the girls could get laying down and hopefully to sleep.

We have found some really fun educational apps for the kids iPads, as well as been given a list of some fun educational apps from Ben's teacher.  The kids love these.  The one Sydney is playing in the picture, is teaching her what colors you make when you mix other colors together, and the one Rylie is playing is teaching her letter sounds as she matches where the letters go in these words.  It's so fun and they don't even realize they are learning.

Also, while the evening was going, this was happening outside:

Thankfully it was mostly gone this morning when we left to take Ben to school.  Please try to ignore my plant grave yard outside.  I have so much work to do out there if spring ever decides to come.  I really want one of those beautiful yards with gorgeous flower beds.  Sadly, it looks like they are forecasting lots of snow for us this weekend...  I'm kind of over the snow.  I really do love looking at it, but I'm having to be out in it, and I'm a little tired of being cooped up inside all the time because of the cold.

So far, today has been uneventful.  My kitchen is a mess and calling my name but I'm so tired I don't want to go.  I want to lay on the couch and only get up to pick Ben up from school.

This morning, Ben was trying everything he could to get out of going to school.  He woke up and said that he didn't want to go.  I reminded him that it was Wacky Wednesday, which means that he gets out early.  I told him to get dressed in the clothes I laid out for him and he said "Ok but I have to go to the bathroom first." A minute later he comes out of the bathroom and says my cheeks are hot, I can't go to school.  I felt his cheeks and assured him that he was fine and told him again to get dressed.  Well the bathroom is where he spent all of his morning until 10 minutes before we had to leave the house.  He spent the last 10 minutes moseying around and stalling.  I'm assuming he thought that if he was super late he just wouldn't have to go.  Not working... I know the games he's playing.  My concern now is why doesn't he want to go school.  I'm hoping it's just because he'd rather be at home playing, not because there is an issue.

On our way to Ben's school I passed the trash truck a block away.  In all of the battling Ben I wasn't able to get the trash and recycling out to the curb.  We beat the trash truck home, thankfully, and I took the bag out of the kitchen trash can, threw it in the bin and pulled the trash bin and recycling bin up to the street.  It was a minor victory, but a victory none the less.  I'll take the wins when I can get them.

Alright, I'm going to finish my coffee, and hopefully get my butt in gear since that kitchen is really not in good shape and it is driving me crazy.  I need a cleaning fairy.


Brandy Toenges said…
You have a cute little family!

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