As If We Weren't Busy Enough

Life has been so insane, and now we are adding more...  Bothe Ben and Sydney have started soccer. Last week was their first week.  Ben's practices are immediately after Sydney's dance classes on Tuesday, but Sydney's dance is in another city and Ben's soccer is and the exact opposite side of town. Shawn has to leave work early to pick up Ben from me and run to soccer practice or else it just wouldn't be able to work.

Now as if Tuesdays weren't busy enough, they just got busier...

Saturday mornings, bright and early Sydney has her "games."  They aren't really games so much as a practice and scrimmage.

She loves it so much!

Ben has his games on Saturdays at noon.  His are real games except they are 3 vs 3 with no goalie.  He did really well for having only one practice before the game.

Ben's team made a goal!

Ben's team won, even though they don't technically keep score.  It was so much fun.  There are no games next weekend because they are doing a festival with some of the older kids from the much older leagues.  We can't wait to get back out there cheering on our kids and watching them have fun and do the best they can do.


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