One Day at a Time

These past couple days have been so busy.  We've been preparing for Sydney's birthday which is Sunday, I've had stuff to get done for Ben's teacher, and Shawn has been out of town for work, so I've been holding down the fort at home. I've been wanting to work on my crochet mood blanket so bad, but I just haven't had time.  I plan on working on it a little today as I'm so excited how it is coming along.

At the end of the week, last week, we made a trip a couple of trips to Michaels.  I'm a Michaels and Hobby Lobby addict.  I need crafters anonymous and to go into those store without a supervisor is extremely dangerous for my bank account.  The yarn that I love from Walmart for almost $5 a skein was 2 for $5, so I picked several new fun colors, and then I grabbed some new things for a new hobby I'm seriously falling in love with.  I'm very into flower arranging.  I'm working with fake flowers for now.  It's so much fun and they are so beautiful.  I found some of the prettiest little white porcelain planters, so I bought the 4 I could find.  I found a plain glass case for some flowers in the kitchen. Sydney also picked out a planter and we put some flowers together in it for her in her room.

I'm so in love with how they all turned out and would love to do some for the living room.  I ended up moving three of them to our bedroom for a little love in there.  We have been rearranging the house and getting things taken care of to make our home more comfortable for when the baby gets here.  I'm a homebody anyway but with four young children, I really don't plan on going many places other than maybe Shawn and I's parent's houses.  Maybe it won't all be so scary but for now, the idea of going out seems terrifying.  We try to keep our home nice and comfortable anyway but now it's a necessity to get everything ready and find ways to save space and use different places for multiple things.  Our home is three bedrooms, but the layout isn't ideal for a family setting since one of the bedrooms is upstairs and the other two are on floor level.  Shawn and I originally took the upstairs bedroom but after a while we realized it wasn't working anymore.  We were all up and down the stairs all night long and that's not really a good thing to do half awake.  We also didn't like being that far away from our babies at night. We decided to move down stairs, move the kids into their playroom, take the door off of their walk in closet and turn that into the playroom or toy storage room. Rylie's bed is set up in our room as there is no room in the kids room.  The baby will also join us in our room.  The upstairs is in the process of being turned into a rec room of sorts.  The computers and desk are up there, the old love seat is up there, my craft stuff, and some of the kids bigger toys like the basketball goal and the kitchen are up there too.  We need to do some cleaning and reorganizing but it still leaves us all living in two bedrooms. We have to do somethings to make space where we have it and we started by mounting our TVs and getting a smaller baby bed than a regular crib for our room.  We'll make it work so that we don't have to move.  We don't want to move because we hope to buy a home sooner rather than later, if possible.  

I've been doing so much work around here getting things in shape.

I'm desperately trying to figure out a new toy storage idea for the living room, because we are so short on space and when we bring the bouncy chair or swing into the living room we will have even less.

I love my personal touches around the house.  They make me so happy and make my house feel so warm.

This is one of the last times I was able to work on my blanket.  I can't wait to jump in again.

I've been working very hard at reorganizing my yarn stash. I have bags and bags in my bedroom closet but these are the most of what I'm using on this blanket.

The corner of my bedroom has become baby central.  My husband comes home tonight, and I actually want to start getting stuff figured out, set up, and moved around so that we can be prepared.  I know it's a little early but I'm anxious and there is still so much to do in my house.  

Yesterday, I slipped on the ice on my front walk way.  I didn't fall but was quite sore afterwards. Thankfully the baby seems to be fine.  6 weeks today she'll join our crazy family.

I just want to get everything done so I can relax and breath.  

Alright, it's about time to go pick up Ben from school so I need to get going.  Hope everyone is having a good week.


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