I've been completely MIA from anything online that can't easily be done on my phone or iPad.  My blog and vlog need some lovin' and I'm hoping to get some editing done and line up a couple of blog posts as well.  Consider this me, dusting off my good ole blog and youtube account.

I've been trying to upload my pictures from this summer onto my Facebook account all morning and for some reason they won't load.  Facebook is not liking me today and it's driving me bonkers.  I'll get it eventually but it's frustrating me that I spent all morning selecting them and then they don't load. Now, I need to figure out lunch for myself, Scottie, and Rylie.

School is officially going now.  The big kids are in their full 2nd week of school.  Ben is in 2nd grade and Sydney is in Kindergarten.  Rylie starts preschool next week, and 2 mornings a week it will be just me and Scotland.  How crazy is that?!?!

Even more crazy than the kids growing up so quickly is our insane schedules. Outside of the kids and their school, Monday Sydney has dance, Tuesday Ben has soccer practice, Wednesday Ben and Sydney have Marathon Club and then Ben has art class and Thursday Sydney has soccer practice, Rylie has dance, and Shawn has softball. Saturday mornings Ben, Sydney, and Rylie all have soccer games.  The schedule seems crazy, but we don't go to dance so far away anymore, so luckily we don't have so long of a drive, and all of the activities are done by 7 at the latest.  That usually gets us to bed at a decent time which is awesome because we get up at 6 am.

Ok, I'm boring myself right now, and the girls and I are starving.  Off to really figure out what to eat.


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