Just Another Day

Oh goodness, today is one of those days.  We got the kids to bed, or at least the older two, at a decent hour last night, but today I'm so exhausted.  I feel that if I close my eyes to blink, I may not open them until I'm done snoring from a nap.

I didn't want to get up at all this morning either.  I usually get up and wake the kids, then get ready for the day.  This morning when I got out of bed, I woke up Sydney, and then climbed back into bed. Ben was already up, as I caught him trying to sneak his iPad 30 minutes before time to get up.  iPads are not allowed before school in our home, unless you are completely 100% ready to go to school.  You must be fully dressed including shoes, fed, hair combed, teeth brushed, face washed, and back pack packed before an iPad is even considered. Obviously I told him no, and even tried sending him back to bed, which didn't work.

Ben had a rough morning.  He cried when I gave him breakfast bars for breakfast instead of cereal. Usually, as long as there is enough time, I do give him cereal, but he has a homework grid due every month which contains 30 homework assignments and he had 17 left to go, and it's due tomorrow. Now, before you go thinking that I haven't been working on homework with him, I have.  He doesn't bring his homework folder home over the weekend and during the week he also has multiple spelling assignments that are due by the end of the week, so the homework grid sometimes (or a lot of the time) gets pushed until later.  During breakfast, he cranked out three of those assignments, which is why he got the breakfast bar.  If he were eating cereal, the homework wouldn't have happened, but that didn't stop his tears.

When I was combing Ben's hair this morning before running out the door, he yanked away from me at a tiny tangle, and wacked his front tooth on the faucet on the sink.  For a second I thought we were going to be on our way for an emergency dentist appointment.  Turns out, he was fine.

I took Ben and Sydney to school, came home and got Rylie and Scotland ready so I could take Rylie to school and off we went.  While Rylie was at school, I kept myself busy by folding laundry and doing dishes.  Before I knew it, I was picking Rylie up from school and feeding the kids lunch.

Around 2:15, I decided that I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.  Ben and Sydney would be getting out of school in 45 minutes but I surely could sneak in a power nap before that, right? Well, I did but I didn't wake feeling refreshed.  Maybe because I only actually got about 10 minutes of very broken up dozing around Scottie beating me with a book and prying my eyes open.  Don't worry, while I was gone picking up the big kids, she slept very wonderfully with Shawn on the couch.  It's only me she doesn't want sleeping.

While picking the kids up, Ben's teacher walks out to me to tell me that he had a bad day today.  I'd already heard the news on the playground from two other kids in his class.  He called a kid in his class a name after this kid called him a loser. Of course the other kid didn't get caught, but tattled on Ben to the teacher.  I'm not sure I understand why the name Ben called him was so bad as Ben only called him "Flappy Tucker" and the kid's name is Tucker. Oh well, I don't allow my kids to call each other, or anyone else, names. Also, Ben has apparently not been doing his work in class, and has been up walking around the classroom, using his utensils incorrectly (i.e. coloring his lips blue with crayon) and making strange noises that bother the other students during quiet work times.

We've been working on homework since he came home from school with the exception of while we were eating dinner and a break for Ben's soccer practice.  I'm happy to report that he only has 4 homework assignments left and they should be quick. Thank goodness since his bedtime was 8 minutes ago and Scotland won't stop screaming and crying.


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