Still Exhausted

Today doesn't seem to feel much differently to me. I'm still chugging along in a haze, completely exhausted and dying for bedtime.  I picked the kids up from marathon club and Ben was his normal sweet self but Sydney greeted me with attitude. Why did nobody tell me that little girls are mini teenagers?  Also, yesterday after watching soccer practice and talking to the coach yesterday, I've found my son isn't the only one having issues at school with behavior. That was a little refreshing.

Ben told me he was better today and didn't get into trouble.  That makes me feel better, although I'm not 100% sure he'd tell me if he did get in trouble. As I type, Ben is doing his spelling homework.  He finished his homework grid for September last night around 9 o'clock and today he came home with his October grid.  I took a picture of the homework grid this time, so he can work on it on the weekends as well.

Sydney is working on writing the letter p at the kitchen table.  I need to find these monsters a snack as I'm sure they are hungry. I know Rylie and Scotland are too.  Shawn should be home from Omaha late tonight.  I've got frozen pizzas to feed the kiddos for dinner after Ben's art class.

Alright, I'm going to figure this snack out quickly so we can get on the road to art class in the next 20 minutes.  All I do is run run run.


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