I've been neglectful...

Oops, it seems this week I've been a little neglectful with my dear blog.  I'll try to do the best I can to update today.  I'm not in a great mood today, but I'll try to not let it affect my update today.

We had a nice memorial day weekend.  Saturday, we started the day out by going to the Farmer's Market.  We didn't get there until late though so we missed out on the lettuce and spinach.  We did buy a bottle of wine for $18.00.  When we pop it open, I'll let you know what I think about it.  I'm normally happy with cheaper wines.  I've become a big red fan over the last couple of years and Shawn needs a sweet wine so we bought the one that will hopefully fit both of our likes.

After lunch, I took Ben with me as I went garage sale hunting.  Shawn watched Sydney and did his school work.  We didn't find a lot, especially since we went out so late, but we did find a couple of good things.  We got Ben two little toys and I found a pretty painted flower pot.  After the garage sales, we went to Goodwill and got Sydney a swim suit.  I spent a total of $1.57 at the garage sales and Goodwill.  I'm pretty proud of how that went.  I'm actually looking for outdoor toys for the kids.  I want to get a little wading pool, but what I was looking for was something like a swing set or coupe car or something for Ben to play with or on outside and that Sydney can use as she gets older too.

After that we went to Shawn's parent's house and ate a wonderful dinner.  After dinner, Ben and I went out with Julie, Terry, and Hannah to the Legends.  We were getting coffee and seeing Shawn's brother Chris.  Ben loved the fountain there.

Later, we came back to the house, relaxed and watched a little TV.  Sydney found a new buddy in Hannah.

Sunday, we went back to Shawn's parent's house after Ben and I went to Ace Hardware to pick up solar lamps for the front yard.  They look pretty good.  Please excuse the not mowed lawn and the flower bed in need of weeding and planting (we had to kill of the poison ivy before anything can be done) but here's the pictures of the front walkway.

While we were at Shawn's parent's house, we went swimming and ate more good food.

Monday, Sydney got in the pool for the first time.  I wish we had gotten pictures, but I had her in the pool and couldn't hold her and take pictures very easily.

Here's Sydney getting ready to come home Monday night:

We had a beautiful sunset our whole way home.  What a way to end our wonderful weekend!

After we got home, we were winding down.  Sydney laid in the rocker on the floor and Ben watched Lady and the Tramp on my computer.

This week, I didn't feel well in the beginning of the week and we've been quite busy as well, so we haven't gotten to do much in the way of alphabet crafts but we did get one done.  We also did watercolors on Wednesday.  It was really fun because we all did it together. 

Here is all of our masterpieces:

Some evenings, we go to the park while Shawn plays basketball.  Between Shawn's basketball, park trips, Shawn's Dungeons and Dragons, and walking, we have been very busy every weekday night.  Tonight is our trip to CiCi's.  Ben loves it and wants to go all the time. 

And, my goofy little man, with all the flowering clover in the yard, would like to pick "flowers" at the park instead of play.

I'm really trying hard to lose weight and was extremely disappointed to step on Wii fit today to find that I've gained 3 lbs in the last 6 weeks.  With all the improvements I've made to my diet and exercise that I've been doing, I felt like it was all for nothing.  I found a website online called My Fitness Pal.  You log everything you eat and all of your exercise as well as set goals for yourself.  It tells you how many calories you should eat a day and how many calories you should burn a day.  It's really neat and I hope it works.  I've added yoga, strengthening exercises as well as aerobics on the Wii to my work out routine.  I must say Wii Fit Plus is kicking my hiney.  I'd be lying if I told I didn't enjoy the burn from the exercise.  I really do like the burn.  While it's happening and after it's done.  It's incredibly satisfying.  I just hope it works.  I have about 60 lbs to lose and I'd like it to come off as quickly as possible.


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