The letter R

This week we are doing the letter R.  I was going to do R is for rabbit, but last night during our evening walk/jog, my husband and I were talking about R is for Robin Hood since Ben is all about Disney's Robin Hood right now.

After plotting it out all morning, I think we made a pretty cool R.

This one did take a little while to prepare.  After Ben colored two letter R coloring sheets, he started the movie, and now that we are done with the craft he is watching more of it.

R is for Robin Hood

What you'll need:

Orange, green, and white construction paper
googly eye
black pom pom

1.  Draw and cut out the letter R.

2.  Cut out a white chest, green clothes, shoes, and hat, and an orange feather.

3.  Glue the white chest onto the letter R.

4.  Glue on his clothes, shoes, and hat.

5. Glue the feather onto his hat.

6.  Glue on his eye and nose and then draw on a mouth.


And you're done.


Cathy said…
Alright, alright, that ideas is just TOO cute! I love it!

I am hosting a brand new feature on my blog called Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection. I would love it if you would link up some of your Alphabet Craft ideas. I think that people would gain so much inspiration from them.

Your fan!

Cathy aka The Attached Mama :)

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