The letter Q

Sorry I'm so late to post this craft.  We did this one last week.

This we did a craft that was inspired by one I saw at No Time For Flash Cards.

Q is for Queen

What you'll need:

construction paper
googly eyes
red pipe cleaner
white pom pom
sequins or glitter

1.  Draw and cut out the letter Q.

2.  Cut out a circle that will fill the inside of the Q.

3.  Cut out a crown.

4.  Color the letter Q.

5.  Color the crown and glue the glitter or sequins on.

6.  Glue the circle to the inside of the Q from the back.

7.  Glue the crown on the front of the Q.

8.  Glue the googly eyes on.

9.  Glue the pom pom on for a nose.

10.  Cut the pipe cleaner to be a good length for a mouth and glue it on.  You could just draw one on.

(I had to use the glue gun for step 9 and 10)

And you're all done.


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