The letter T

I have to admit, I wasn't prepared this week and was a little worried about being able to get a craft in at all today.  I managed to get my act together this evening and we did one that I got from Totally Tots.  It's so cute and Ben is still talking about it.

T is for Tractor

What you'll need:

construction paper

1.  Draw and cut out the letter T.

2.  Cut out wheels, centers for the wheels, a seat and a steering wheel.

3.  Glue the insides onto the wheels.

4.  Turn the T on it's side and glue the seat on.

5.  Glue the wheels on from the back.

6.  Glue the steering wheel on.

And that's it.  Super easy but really cute.

We had to take it away from Ben so it could dry.  He just wanted to keep playing with it.  It was too cute.  That's how you know when you've done a good craft.


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