What a crazy, wonderful, life we live

I can't believe how hectic things are here.  I'm really enjoying it all though, and I must say that I have the two most precious children in the whole world and they keep me well entertained.

This week the weather was so hot that I cut out park trips all but two days.  Between the air conditioner being out on the car and the heat both inside and out of the car, it was just too uncomfortable and probably not very safe either.

Tuesday, Shawn mowed the lawn at our old house.  I can't even begin to tell you how tall the grass was there.  It hadn't been mowed since we moved out.  Our mower was trying to cause trouble as well.

Wednesday, we had our biweekly dinner with our friends Tim and Rebekah, but this time we did it at our house.  I made the tortellini salad since Shawn was so eager to show it off to people.  It was really good (not to toot my own horn or anything)!  Also, on Wednesday, my best friend Lauren and her husband Ben finally got to take their sweet little baby boy, Cullen, home from the hospital.  He was born a week and a half earlier and had oxygen problems since birth.  Thank goodness he's fine now and home safe with an extremely loving family.

Thursday, poor Shawn had to mow our lawn.  It was definitely in need of a good mowing.  Not as bad as the old house, but pretty bad.  I believe it had been about 3 weeks since it was mowed before that.

Friday, Rebekah brought her and Tim's dog, Sushi, over for us to puppy sit for the weekend.  She was so cute and cuddly (I'm talking about Sushi, not Rebekah haha).  She stayed through this afternoon when Tim came to pick her up.  Ben was so sad when she left.  He would not stop crying and telling me he wanted "Shoo-ee" to come back.  When Rebekah came by to drop off the dog, she brought a book for me to borrow called The Gorgeously Green Diet.  I started reading it and have really enjoyed all that I've read so far.  You should probably look for a review on that book shortly.

Saturday was Shawn's company picnic.  The food was good and the even had homemade ice cream there.  Ben got to eat dessert somewhere!  That was really exciting for me and I'm sure to him too.  They had a big inflatable water slide there that Ben decided he'd maybe try.  He made it about half way before he decided it was too high and he didn't want to do it anymore.  Shawn was carrying him up, and in Ben's struggle to turn them around, they both fell down the slide.  I think Ben really enjoyed it.  I had a good time talking with Meagan, who is a stay at home mom of a 3 year old boy and a 5 month old boy, and Emmalee, who is a photographer and mother of a 13 month old boy.  Both are really neat women.

Tonight we went on a lovely little walk downtown.  I love our downtown.  It's nice, beautiful, and really reminds me of everything great about Lawrence.  It's the small and local businesses that really excite me and our downtown is full of them.

Also, another major event for Ben this week.  He got a large bomb pop from the ice cream truck.  It was his very first time getting anything from the ice cream truck.  Any mother of a child with a food allergy knows the struggle to step outside of your comfort zone to try new things.  The label and the ice cream man assured me that it was safe, and Ben has had them before from the grocery store, but it's still a little scary.  He looked so cute with that giant bomb pop.

Looking at my day planner for the new week that is beginning, and it appears that we're going to be busy again.  We're going to work on the letter U, try to make it to the park in the mornings, a couple of 4th of July crafts, work on some new recipes, try to come up with healthy alternatives for old recipes, read this book, and work on my own project.  We get our first organic fruits and vegetables delivery Tuesday also.  I'm excited for it.

Alright, back to another busy week.


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