Another addiction...

So, I just recently became familiar with Instagram.  A friend told me to get it, and I did finally start using it about a week ago.  I'm now addicted.  It used to be just for iPhones, but about two days ago, it became available for android users as well, which means, now more of my friends can use it as well.

You take pictures through the app, or you can select a picture that is already on your phone and you can make it look like it was taken with different filters.  The pictures are lots of fun.

It's so much easier than figuring out photoshop although, I'm trying to patiently learn photoshop as well.  I don't know that I'm smart enough to learn what I want, but I'm trying.  In the meantime, I'm satisfied with Instagram.  Expect lots of pictures done from me and this app for now.  

Have an Instagram already?  Follow me!  My username is liztiemann.  If you don't have one and have an iPhone or an android phone, and you like taking pictures, you should definitely get one!


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