A "Lazy" Day

Yesterday, Rylie woke up with a little cold.  She wasn't what I would say is really sick, she just was a little stuffed up and had a little cough.  Today, she woke up a little better than yesterday and I woke up with a major headache and body aches.  I didn't feel terrible, just sick enough that I felt like having a lazy day where I only did the basics and mostly just watched TV.  Of course I did the dishes and laundry, the usual daily tasks, but the extras didn't happen.  No floors were cleaned and none of the house was dusted.

Shawn worked from home most of the day.  While we didn't get to see him much, it was still nice, just knowing he was here.  He traveled yesterday and was exhausted, so he got to sleep in a little bit this morning, then he had an onsite meeting, a couple of minutes from the house, and then came home to do some work and a call upstairs in our bedroom.

This morning, I felt the need to feel pretty and the best way to do that, is to paint my nails.  I love to have pretty nails.

In our house, all of the bedrooms are in the back, feature that I absolutely love!  The kids, who were playing in their room came out talking about how they couldn't see Maya in the backyard from the windows. I told them not to worry, that she was there they just couldn't see her.  They kept insisting she wasn't there.  Maya has pushed the fence apart in the front corner of the yard a little bit but doesn't usually leave the back yard, especially since when she does she can't get back in.  After talking to the kids multiple times, I thought I'd better go take a look.  Sure enough she wasn't back there.  I got my shoes on and grabbed the leash, intending to go run the neighborhood looking for Maya, only to open the door and find her laying on bed by the front door.  There are no trees in the backyard and since it was quite warm today (in the 90s) she must have been looking for shade.  At least she stayed here instead of running off.  She really is a good dog.

The kids played with their toys in their room and the play room.  This means that we had blocks scattered everywhere, dress up clothes strewn about, and lots of miscellaneous toys everywhere.

Ben cracks me up, because he likes to dress up Sydney in her dress up clothes.  By dress her up, I mean pick out clothes he wants her to wear and have me put them on her.  It's like she's his own personal Barbie doll or something.

I can't forget nap time.  That is a very important part of our day here.  Sydney and Rylie nap while Ben "rests" by watching TV in his bed.

After the kids woke up from their naps and Shawn finished up work, we decided to walk to the park.

We have an elementary school with two good sized playgrounds and a smaller play area about half a mile from our house.  I'm sure every parent loves to wear their kids out so they hopefully sleep well at night.  There is no better way to wear out your child than to walk them half a mile, run them ragged at the park, and then walk them half a mile home.  We use this time to talk to the kids about what all we see, and teach them things like looking both ways before we cross the street.  We also look for animals like bunnies and squirrels as well as birds along the way.

At the park, the kids have a blast.  Sometimes they make new friends too.  My kids have never met a stranger and Ben wants to be friends with EVERYBODY.

Shawn was pushing Ben on the swings and for some reason Ben let go with one hand and ended up doing a weird flip and face planting in the mulch.  Now, why they use mulch on these playgrounds is beyond me.  It seems that the recycled rubber tires would be better for the environment and safer for the kids.  The mulch got in Ben's mouth and also gave him several little cuts on his forehead.  After giving him some water to help get that yucky mulch out of his mouth, he was absolutely fine.  We made it through the whole incident with no tears, and even managed to get him to get back on the swings.

Before long, it was time to come home.

When we got home, Shawn had to go to basketball so I ordered some pizza (I know, bad girl, didn't follow the meal plan), sat down to feed Rylie and relaxed with the kiddos while watching last night's Amish: Out of Order.  I think the kids are beginning to become interested with the Amish like I am.  It was only a matter of time, considering I watch a lot on TV about them and read about them a lot.  I think we share a lot of interests with our mothers and fathers when you grow up with them.  Growing up, my mom was very into what I call Little House on the Prairie times.  I often tell my husband that I wish we lived then.  I think that was an interest I gained from my mom and one of many I hope to pass on to my children.  It's funny, my husband loves sci fi and all these things about the future while I'm so obsessed with the past.

As I sit here typing this, Rylie is laying next to me on the couch, the kids are sleeping in their beds and Shawn is in the shower upstairs, getting ready for bed.  I reflect on the wonderful "lazy" day we had here, and am thankful for all I've been given.  I'm so crazy about my family and wouldn't change a thing about my life.

Alright, I'm going to pack up my husband's lunch for tomorrow and then head to bed.  Maybe I'll have more for you tomorrow.


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