Just Another Wednesday

Last night was night two of the kids sleeping in their bedroom at the new house.  For Ben, it went much better than night one, but it was a little more rough for Sydney.  Ben slept until 6:30 when Shawn's alarm went off then I talked him into going back to bed.  Sydney fell out of bed at some point.  Don't worry, she wasn't really hurt.  One of the reasons we like these beds so much is because they are so low to the ground.  It did wake her up and need a snuggle buddy to help her fall back asleep.  Shawn went down to snuggle her and the two of them fell asleep where they slept until I woke Shawn up when his alarm went off.

Shawn was up late last night working and then got up bright and early for work.  I however fell asleep early and got up a little later, after being up with Rylie multiple times throughout the night.  Usually we aren't so bad at this, but for some reason, last night we forgot to put out our trash and recycling.  Usually this wouldn't be as big of a deal but this weekend we cleaned the garage.  After loading the bed of a truck down with trash and filling our trash and recycle bins to the brim, we were done.

Now that we have forgotten to take our trash and recycle bins to the street, I'm left wondering, where do I put any new trash or recycling?

I started dinner, and the kids helped, or watched and got into everything while talking a mile a minute and fighting with each other.  It's Slow Cooker Parmesan Honey Pork Roast.  It smells amazing right now and it's not even close to done.  I can't wait for dinner.

After getting the kids dressed I couldn't get over how cute they looked and decided that I needed a picture of them.  Well, kids will be kids and it took a while to get a picture...

And I couldn't get over how cute and smiley little Rylie is being today.

How could you ever resist this face???

All day I've been munching on these delicious jelly beans that Mom brought us last night.

I can't stop eating them.  They are seriously the best jelly beans I've ever had.  How do I get my hands on more of these?

Now that the girls are napping and Ben is resting, It's bread making time.

I've still got potatoes to cook and mash, veggies to steam, and fruit to cut up.  Trust me, if the roast tastes anywhere near as good as it smells, I'll be posting the recipe either tonight or tomorrow.

I have to say that I have more energy now than I have in a long time.  How is it possible to be this exhausted, but still have so much energy, and have the ability to get so much done?  I can't help but think, maybe it's the Celexa.  I haven't gained a bunch of weight, and am not living in a daze.  I feel wonderful.  I still worry and get stressed, but I'm not irrationally angry and I don't just cry and cry for no real reason.  Even on my lazy days I get a lot done, which isn't the case in the past.  I just feel like a new woman.

Alright, off to get this bread going...


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