Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather:::
Today it was almost 60 degrees and the rest of the week is to be in the 60s

Right now I am: 
Sitting on the couch watching Hocus Pocus with all three of the kiddos while we wait for dinner to get here.

How tired I am.  I just need sleep.  I got a decent night last night, but for some reason I'm more tired today than normal.

On my reading pile:::
One for the money by Janet Evanovich

On my tv:::
Hocus  Pocus

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - Jason's Deli
Tuesday - Pizza
Wednesday - Chili
Thursday -
Friday - 
Saturday - 
Sunday - 

On my to do list:::
Finish folding laundry and put away laundry
What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Finishing the banner for the fireplace hopefully this week.

Homemaking Tips:::

I don't have one, yet again.

Looking around the house:::
Nothing exciting is going on.  Most of the house work is done, and the kids and I are watching Halloween movies.  

From the camera:::

On my prayer list:::
My husband because he's traveling this week.
Family friends Debbie, Fred and Nicole, as they get through the 2nd anniversary of the death of their daughter and sister, Kelsey.
Everyone on the east coast as they get through this awful hurricane.
Bible verse, Devotional:::

Hear my voice, Lord, when I call; have mercy on me and answer me. Psalm 27:7


Victoria Adams said…
hello! found your blog through Sandra. I think I love it!
Liz said…
Awww Thank you! I appreciate that. Have a wonderful week!
Anonymous said…
I can not thank you adequately for the posts on your web site. I know you'd put a lot of time and effort into them and hope you know how much I appreciate it. I hope I'll do exactly the same for someone else at some point.

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