Sorry, I seem to have MIA for awhile from a lot of parts of my life.  There has been a lot going on in our crazy house, and between Shawn's work travel and many other somewhat personal things, I've been on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  Monday I shut down and had an extreme lazy day where pretty much nothing was done and the kids and I watched movies and relaxed.  Yesterday, after Ben got out of school, we went to Kansas City to celebrate my mother-in-law Julie's birthday.  Today, my house is a wreck but I'm feeling much better.  Just dug out some more yarn from my collection in the garage and a bunch of Halloween decorations.  Now I have some major house work to do and some dinner to figure out.  I'm just winging it with the menu this week...  I'll be back later for an update or two.  Maybe I'll even blog tonight.


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