Sometimes Original Plans Don't Matter

Well, this weekend didn't turn out quite how we had hoped it would.  I can't say that it was worse, but we just didn't get to do everything we'd hoped.  Isn't that how life works?

Friday, we surprised Shawn at the airport.  His plane was early and we were heading down the terminal for his gate when Shawn, who was heading for the baggage claim, heard Ben and turned around.  We were all so glad to see him and he was so ready to see us and just be home.

This has been a very rough couple of weeks for us.  Shawn has been gone now, for two weeks and home on the weekends.  He leaves tomorrow and will be gone the whole week again.  To many people, this isn't anything out of the norm, especially since I'm friends with many military wives.  Truth be told, I feel silly complaining about him being gone when I think of my best friend, who's husband is gone quite a bit and she's been through a couple deployments with him as well.  I know she would never say this to me, but I guess it's my insecurities, which I have a lot of, that make me feel this way.  Honestly, when we got married, I never thought we'd be away from each other like this, and even if we were, I could never have imagined how hard it would be.  When he's gone everything runs differently, and we all miss him.

The kids have a lot of problems, that I believe stem from their dad being gone so frequently as well..  They constantly think I'm going to abandon them.  Last week, Ben went into the bathroom before school one day, and I was retrieved by someone who works in the school (I was standing in the hallway right outside the restroom door) because Ben was washing his hands at the sink and crying hysterically because he was convinced that I left him.  It broke my heart, but this has become somewhat common.  Sydney freaks out when I go to my class or when I run to the store without her. I've become their security blanket, and I'm ok with that but it's heartbreaking for both Shawn and I that they have to feel this way.

Friday night, Shawn and I were both up with sick kids most of the night.  Ben had been sick for a few days at this point, but this was Sydney and Rylie's first night with it.  We were supposed to go take pictures at the college campus out here Saturday morning, go to the zoo during the day and then Shawn and I had a date night planned in the evening.  Sunday we were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch.  Because of the kids being sick, we stayed home during the day and got some cleaning done, while the kids rested.  Also, I must add, that it rained.  I take that back.  It poured.. stormed even, most of the day Saturday.

Our plans were S-H-O-T.  Saturday evening, Shawn's parent's came out and made soup for the kids while Shawn and I went out for dinner, dessert, and coffee.  We had a wonderful time.  I don't really remember the last time we went out, just me and him.  Well not since our anniversary in January.

Today, Sunday, the kids were still getting over this icky cold, but they were all doing much better.  We decided that since Shawn's sister got us tickets to the zoo (Thank you Kelly) and because we do like to go every year as a family, we had to go.  I'm so glad we did.  We had a really good time.  I put Rylie in one of her giraffe outfits and hat, and with the stroller and wagon for the kids, we had a really good time.

Sydney was so sweet with the little baby ducks.  She was just talking to them right and left.

There really isn't anything better, than doing fun stuff together as a family.

Tonight, I've been relaxing.  Working on finishing my crochet project for the fireplace, a little cookies and milk, and some Real Housewives of New Jersey.  What can I say, I'm a reality tv junkie.

Alright, it is super late.  I need to go to bed because my kids will be up bright and early, and I think I'm catching what the kids are getting over.  Goodnight.


Sandra said…
Sometimes the best plans are those that are not planned ahead.

Being a military wife, we've had to learn to just go with the flow and be spontaneous, we can never really count on anything as a certainty.

Hope you have a great week :)
Megan Anderson said…
Sorry things have been so tough lately! Will Shawn be traveling this much a lot or is it seasonal?
Liz said…
Sandra, that is so true.

Megan, he's at a conference this week and was at one two weeks ago. Last week he was just doing his normal job. He said he's going to try to slow down a little, so hopefully it won't continue to be like this. It's funny though. When you've been with your significant other for so long, like Shawn and I or you and Jake and you've never really been independent, and then something like this happens, you find how tough and self sufficient you really can be. It's sad to not have to have him do things for me. I have to be able to fix things at the house or with the car or whatever because if he's gone for a week and something happens on Monday, I can't wait a week for him to get to a lot of things. I am becoming a bit of a plumber actually. Hahaha!
Tina Leigh said…
It is very hard to be away from your best friend and it wont get any easier but it can draw you closer...believe it or not.

GIRL!!! I LOVE ME SOME HALLOWEEN OREOS!!!!! My husband & I think they are WAYYYYYYYY better than the originals! Dont ask me why...we are just weird that way! LOL!!
Liz said…
Last night my husband told me something that made me sad. He said that to him it feels like when he's home, it's so rare, that nobody acts normal around him so he misses out on everything even when he's here. Hopefully he won't be traveling so often now.

Oreos are one of my big weaknesses. My husband's too. We love all of the holiday ones, but it's probably just a reason to buy them. Haha!

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