Sick Kids and Fall Time

Just when I thought I'd have an opportunity to blog, a million other things came up.

I decided that it was definitely fall, which meant it was time to decorate for Halloween.

We haven't gone to the pumpkin patch yet and aren't totally done with our decorations, but here is what I have out, outside, at this moment.

Yesterday, the girls and I were out running errands while Ben was at school.  We took a break in between the errands and picking up Ben to play at the park briefly.

Everything is so gorgeous outside.  Seriously, this is my favorite time of year.

Sydney's "baby" got to experience the entire park with her.  She wouldn't leave her in the car.

I think the girls had a really good time, and of course, Sydney cried when it was time to leave.

We picked Ben up from school and he was not doing well.  He spent most of the afternoon and evening like this...

I called the doctor and they squeezed us in during the afternoon.  While he was so sick, he still managed to gather strength to hang from the garage door on the way out of the house.

Please excuse the mess that is the garage... I'm working on it, slowly yet surely.

The doctor ruled.  It's just a cold.  The good news is he doesn't have an ear infection, which we were worried about.  He has a tendency to get them every time he gets so much as a sniffle.

Today, I'm playing catch up with the house work that I seem to have been putting off.  I'm battling a headache and exhaustion from hardly sleeping the past couple of nights (being up with a sick kid and a baby will do that to you) and it's very hard to get motivated.


Missy Q said…
Hope the little one starts feeling better soon!

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