A Big Week

So, last week was a pretty big week in the Tiemann house.  The week started with Shawn traveling to Chicago on Monday and coming back Tuesday night.

Ben wanted a super specific back pack.  Right now he's very into Skylanders Giants and of course they are very popular.  We saw the backpack at Target a while back and almost bought it but Shawn advised me to wait until tax free weekend.  Well we didn't end up shopping on tax free weekend and before we knew it school was getting ready to start.  The problem with wanting a super popular backpack is that it was sold out by the time we were able to go get it.  We talked to Ben and explained that we'd order it from Amazon but that Ben would have to take an old back pack for the first couple of days of school.  He was sad but just happy to eventually get the backpack he wanted.  I gave it one last try and got on to the Walmart and Target websites and found that there was limited stock at the Target right down the street from my mother and father-in-law's house.  I called Julie and she went to Target as soon as she was done working and after lots of searching, she found it.  Julie saved the Day!!!  Shawn picked it up on his way home from the airport.  Ben was so excited.

Tuesday evening, Ben had Back to School night.  We got to go see his classroom, meet his teacher, have ice cream, and play on the play ground.

Shawn, unfortunately wasn't able to make it to back to school night.  That's the joys of a job that requires travel.  He didn't get home until later Tuesday night, but bright and early Wednesday morning we had a parent teacher conference in the classroom with Ben's teacher to get to know her and let her get to know Ben through our eyes.  That was kind of a neat idea.  His teacher seems really nice.  There are so many kindergartners this year, at his school, that they brought on a new teacher, making 5 kindergarten all day classes.

Thursday, was a busy busy busy day!  We had errands to run.  We needed to get Sydney a backpack, run to the bank, get Ben a haircut and go to Sydney's Dance class open house thing.

Sydney got a Teen Beach Movie backpack.  She loves it and was super excited.  We went to get Ben's haircut at the barber shop that we usually go to.  When we got there Ben jumped right into the chair with the lady that usually cuts Shawn's hair.  The woman that usually cuts Ben's hair asked me if we wanted to trim Sydney's hair.  We ended up doing more than a trim and got her the haircut she has been wanting for a long time.  This was her first hair cut!

Friday morning, Ben started school.  I was so excited for him, but sad that my little boy is growing up so fast.

While he was at school the girls and I met up Morgan and her girls and went to the park.

We had a great time but were anxious to get back to the school to pick up Ben.

Friday night, Shawn and some friends went to the Chiefs game and I took the kids to T-Rex for dinner.  We had never been there before.  The food was decent, but the service was awful!  I enjoyed it anyway, but only because I was there with my wonderful kids.

This dinosaur ^^^ was right next to our table.  It would move and make noise and drop his head down about a foot and a half or so over my head.  When he would do this, at first, Ben would hide under the table on the floor.  Eventually I convinced him that the dinosaurs there weren't real.  Every now and then Rylie would notice them and she would get terrified, but then she'd go back to eating or coloring and wouldn't be afraid anymore.

It really was a neat place and I would recommend people go there for appetizers or dessert.

Saturday evening we went to the lake for some fishing and relaxing.  It was a beautiful evening.

At the lake we have found it's best to take Rylie's playpen so she can play but can't get into the poison ivy or slip on the gravel and fall into the lake.  She didn't mind too much until the end because I brought plenty of toys and snacks for her, and sat next to her playpen in my lawn chair and read my book.

Sunday we mostly relaxed around the house.  Ben went with me to mass and he told me he wants to go with me every week.  He's so sweet.

We went to the park, and came home to play with the slip and slide.

Ok, so that was pretty much our last week.  I was so busy I could really post, but now I might be able to... hopefully more frequently.


Deb said…
What a fun week filled with memories. Back to school time with little ones is always fun because they are SOOOO excited! Glad you were able to find just the right back pack! Enjoy the week ahead!
Liz said…
Thank you! We have enjoyed it. He's just started kindergarten so it's rough on me, but he loves it!

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