Rough Week

I know that I said I would be back with a post to finish my vacation, but honestly I've been sidetracked.  Maybe I'll get around to posting it tomorrow.  I've been lazy this week.  Honestly, I haven't been sleeping much.  The kids have been sick and I, like any mother I'm sure, can't sleep well when my little ones aren't doing well.  We moved downstairs recently to be closer to the kids without them in our room, but when one is sick we decided we'd let them all sleep in our bedroom anyway.  It makes it easier on them and us.  Rylie hasn't been sleeping either.  I got maybe 2 or 3 hours last night between all the times Rylie was up.  I'm not here to complain, just stating where I've been, and the reason for my lack of posting.

Also, Sydney has had dance camp every night this week about 20-30 minutes away from the house.  It's been quite interesting and Sydney LOVES it!  She looks so cute in her leotard and tights.  Her dance shoes will be in, in about 2 weeks. We bought her a dance bag and extra leotards and tights.

As I sit here now, Rylie is asleep in her playpen and Shawn is reading to the kids in their beds.  I'm watching Prisoners' Wives on the TV and thinking about going to bed.  I'm just so tired I'm not even sure I can make it to my bed.  Every bone and muscle in my body aches.


Deb said…
Hope you get feeling better soon. Your daughter is a cute little dancer. Hope next week is better for your family!
Sandra said…
I'm so sorry everyone is sick, seems to be going around.

Hope you're getting some rest though, remember to take care of yourself.

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