A Day At The Fair

Good evening!!!  I hope tonight finds you all happy and healthy.  Shawn has safely arrived in Minneapolis, the kids are in bed, and now I'm sitting down, in bed, to finally write about our wonderful weekend.

We didn't tell the kids anything other than that we had a surprise evening planned for them.  Ben woke up Thursday night with a sore throat, but Friday morning he seemed fine.  I gave him some Tylenol and Mucinex just in case, and off he went.  Around 2:00 (Ben gets out at 3:00) I got a phone call from his school telling me that he had fallen asleep in class and woke up with a fever of 100.2.  Thank goodness he woke up with a fever, because he can't be so bored he falls asleep in first grade, right?  Not in the first week of school, right?  Anyway, I got him into a doctor quickly to find that he had his first real sinus infection.  They gave him a steroid nose spray and an antibiotic and sent us on our way.  With his nose spray, tylenol, and some mucinex he was good as new.  The doctor also told me that we were clear for our plans. hat he would be just fine.

I packed all of our stuff in an overnight bag upstairs while the kids played in the playroom, completely oblivious.  We took Maya, her water bucket, and food, to our friend Terry's house.  He has a doggy door in his garage, a large fenced in back yard, and a doggy play friend named Hoover.  If the kids started asking questions, I don't know what I would have said, so lucky for me, they didn't.  I picked up some snacks from a gas station.  Just some m&ms, chips, and licorice to keep us happy on the car ride. Shawn came home from work and we finished our packing, and left to eat some dinner at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants, Oklahoma Joes.  I usually get their Zman but I'm a sucker for burnt ends and that was the special, so I couldn't resist!  At that point we told the kids what our plan was.  We were going to go to Warrensburg and stay in a hotel, then get up the next morning and go to the fair.  The Missouri State Fair is in Sedalia, which is about 2 1/2 hours from where we live and Warrensburg is only about 30 minutes from Sedalia, which would allow us to get to the fair much earlier.  By the time we got to the hotel the kids were fast asleep but we woke the big three up enough to get them upstairs to our room.

Shawn stays in hotels all the time, so for him they aren't so exciting but for the rest of us, they are very fun.

Rylie was so tired, it was funny. She wouldn't even take the bait from Shawn asking her if she wanted to build a snowman.

The next morning, we got up, dressed, packed up and grabbed breakfast on our way to the fair.  First thing we did when we got there was scope out some cows.  Who doesn't love cows?  I love how different breeds look so different. The kids got to pet a cow too.  Rylie was on cloud 9.

Ok, I'm leaving this post here.  I will be back tomorrow.  Everything will be in this post but I'm so tired, I can't continue tonight. Goodnight.
Alright, so I didn't come back yesterday.  Today is now Thursday, and I'm back to finish this post so I can get moving along with more up to date things.
After, and mixed in with some of the cows were the horses.  We love horses and they are Rylie's favorite.  Ok, mine too.

This was Joyce.  Most of the other horses were eating and could have cared less that we, or anyone, were there.  Not Joyce.  When we walked up to the stall she came over and lowered her head down so Rylie could love her up.  You have to know that Joyce was huge!  She was 18.3 hands tall.  If you aren't familiar, they measure horses from their feet to their shoulders and a hand is 4 inches.  Her shoulders were about 6.25 feet tall. She was big to me, so to a 2 year old, she must have seemed giant, but Rylie wasn't afraid and she didn't want to leave Joyce.

These guys here are mules.  I've never seen mules so big.  We continued to see them throughout the day.

Rylie really wanted to see the piggies.  While pigs can be cute, and quite delicious, they are a little boring.  We didn't spend a lot of time there.

You know what was fun about the pigs though?  Pig races! I apologize for the kind of crappy video. The pig races were a big deal.  Who knew?  Our pig won by the way.  Chuck Boaris, the pig in white.

As my kids are getting older we get to do more fun things with them we couldn't do before, like rides. My girls are dare devils while Ben is somewhat nervous and will back out if given the opportunity. Rylie and Sydney want to ride everything but aren't big enough which led to many tantrums but I think they did alright.

After we finished with the rides, I really needed to feed Scottie, so we went to an arena where they were doing mini horse pulling.

After we were done with the horse pulling, and nursing the baby, we went to watch the cows being milked.

Of course there was the other typical fair things we had to do.  Plenty of photo opportunities, big tractors, and carnival food.

Believe me when I tell you, those red velvet funnel cakes were AMAZING!

We really had the best time.  The best part, the kids' tantrums were all kept to a minimum!  We all managed to get along, the kids behaving, for a whole day!  Some day, our kids will be older with plans of their own and won't be wanting to do things with their 'lame parents' so we have to take every opportunity now.  I'm hoping they never turn into that kind of kid, but I guess the Carpe Diem attitude for now works.


Melissa Hopper said…
Who does not like a fair? Looks like the kids had a blast.
Sandra said…
What a sweet surprise for the kids, looks like you all had a great time :)

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