Just Another Wednesday

Some days, I wake up beyond exhausted and feeling like I could sleep the day away.  Today is one of those days.  I don't though.  I just persevere, and, with lots of help from caffeine.  Yes, lots and lots of caffeine!

I do have a slight Starbucks addiction.  They have delicious beverages and food, and their cd collection is spot on!  There is no beverage more refreshing on a hot day than an iced peach green tea lemonade.

This morning, at the Starbucks drive thru, the woman in the car in front of me, paid for my drinks, so I paid for the car behind me.  I love when people are good to other people.  I was trying to explain what happened to Sydney, but she was so confused as to why I still got my drinks, even if the people in front of me paid for them, and maybe because I paid for the people behind me, I got their drinks.  I tried telling her that by me paying for the car behind me, maybe they paid for the car behind them, and maybe they paid for the car behind them, and so on and so on.  Maybe there was someone in that line, that was scrounging for change to pay for their coffee (Hey, I've been there) and today, they didn't have to worry about it today because someone nice paid for it for them.

So yesterday, after picking up Ben, we mailed out and hand delivered some invitations to his birthday party and they came home so I could get to working on dinner.  I wanted to eat before my meeting so we could get the kids to bed nice and early.  I'm about to show you something that I'm betting not a lot of people would show you.  This is the horrible disaster that my kitchen becomes when I cook.

Cookbooks open to many pages, held open by other cookbooks, mixing bowls, measuring cups, and lots of food on all of the counter tops and the stove.  Music blaring loudly and a baby in her seat on the table.  Yup, complete insanity!  Also you should know, the only way to cook or clean is with the music loud, singing and dancing as you go along.

While looking for a lemon bar recipe in a dessert cookbook, I stumbled across a delicious looking recipe for Lemon Puddle Pudding.  I decided, what the heck, lets give it a try.  It was easy and delicious, and I regret nothing!  I'll post the recipe shortly.  Believe me, you have to try it.  Shawn said he thought it would be even better on a 30 degree day following a nice big bowl of chili.

So last night was my first PTO meeting at Ben's school.  I got so excited I was there early, then I signed up for two committees.  My mom was always super involved in the PTA at my school when I was growing up, so she was the first person I texted when we left.  I definitely jumped in with both feet this year, and I couldn't be more excited!

Shawn left this morning on a plane for St. Louis, Missouri (his meeting is actually in Ferguson, which has me a little nervous, although I'm sure he'll be fine) and then later today he's off to Buffalo, New York.  He'll be back late tomorrow night.  In the mean time, I'm holding down the fort.  Soccer practice for Ben tonight, frozen pizzas for dinner, picking Ben up from school early (It's Wacky Wednesday, and every Wednesday is a short day), and dishes and laundry this afternoon.  Also, when Ben gets home, we are hoping to finally watch the new Doctor Who.  I've been dying to watch it, but Ben has had me waiting for him.  See, the kids, specifically Ben and Sydney are just as obsessed as I am.

Alright, I need to get moving.  Scottie is napping and Rylie and Sydney are hungry for some lunch. Time to make some jelly sandwiches... Yes, just jelly and bread.  My girls are goofy but it's what they love.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  I'm hoping for a little time to crochet or read today, in between all of the craziness.


Melissa Hopper said…
No offense, but that kitchen would drive me insane. I am glad you mentioned the drive thru. It is a nice gesture and I love it when people pay it forward.
Liz said…
Hahaha! None taken, if I walk into my kitchen and it looks like that before I start cooking, I shut down and order takeout. Trust me, everything is back in tip top shape and with frozen pizza for dinner, it's going to be that way until tomorrow dinner.

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